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Secondhand daylight psychedelic-garage / Praha

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  • Remade
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Static Collision
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Unrequited
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Made By Machines
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Devices&Schemes
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Let Down
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Kosmische energien
    The Kosmische Energien EP
  • Leeds '89
    The Hanging Castle EP
  • Lights Left On
    The Hanging Castle EP
  • Stranded
    The Hanging Castle EP

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Secondhand daylight

"I'm glad i had a chance to see your band, you guys f*cking rock! ...Go on, I'm sure you'll get big." - Zdenek Maly (Zkouska siren). "True legends." - Filip Trojan (The Polymorphs). "I was really impressed by Matthew's stuff, {you} need an e.p. out soon" - Robin Smith (Sounds of Occupation).

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Tomas Chadim

Today, again, great stage at Klubovna , incredible quitar,
conjuring with pedals, great support from drums, charisma of the singer, energy that you can breathe.... all it works together amazingly!!!! ... and I am looking forward,... again :-))))

Mike Sewer Rat

Yesterday was very amazing and without my overdose with skunky pot it could be impeccable... I must say, that i heard SO big changes, you are so much harder now and we love it! And your drummer girl is from 1/3 punker, 1/3 hardcorer and 1/3 blacksmith... it's an amazing combination, and you, Mathew do the same with your guitar and voice...Bass player have a little bit shoegaze- feeling.... And when you play all 3 together, that is exactly what we love!
Raw music rules!!! Wish you all the good, Mike and Zora :-)