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  • Remade
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Static Collision
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Unrequited
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Made By Machines
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Devices&Schemes
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Let Down
    Secondhand daylight EP
  • Kosmische energien
    The Kosmische Energien EP
  • Leeds '89
    The Hanging Castle EP
  • Lights Left On
    The Hanging Castle EP
  • Stranded
    The Hanging Castle EP

L'intra-muros Nivelles /BELGIE/

Koncert v Belgii se nám povedl, a dost jsme si kapelní trip užili! Nivelles Belgium...doing a gig...with our reputation?

Thanks to Leo our wonderful host in Genappe - we stayed near Waterloo - and Bruno Scokaert for organising the gig and being a wonderful friend managing the sound, projections, food and money etc.

Looking forward to playing Nivelles again in the future!

WL//WH Video Of The Day : SECONDHAND DAYLIGHT “Leeds ‘89”

So much for Brexit closed-attitude, an English expat in Prague founded a band in 2014, with name taken, I wish it was true, from the second Magazine album, together with two local lads and, driven by passion and resilience, have finally released, at the beginning of the year, their debut EP “The Hanging Castle”.  A 3-tracker filled with powerful and urgent garage post-punk interspersed with 90’s noise rock and psychedelic undercurrents.

The trio, comprised of Matthew R. Pollard (guitar, voice), Matous Cervenka (bass) and Petr Keller (drums) have shared the DIY videoclip for the first track “Leeds ’89”, a moving tribute from songwriter Matthew to his formative music-laden year in his beloved hometown Leeds.

“I’m from near Leeds. Leeds was my cultural home as a teenager because I was so into music, I’d started playing guitar writing songs joined a band and it was the era of great music so I bought instruments, records, clothes etc. it was the start of me as serious musician”.

Raw, energetic and vibrant “Leeds ’89” drifting abrasive guitar riffs, infectious, chunky bass lines, propulsive pounding drums lay the hard grooving foundations for shouty, gritty, punky vocals of distinctive British flair, brimming with nostalgia and excitement recalling that youthful, flamboyant and impacted pivotal year.

The visuals set across the backdrop of Leeds in ‘1989’ travel back in time illustrating the ‘scenes of the crime’ with “stills” turned motion offering an authentic reference from which to draw from.