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  • Perfect Deal
    Perfect Deal (single 2017 re-recorded Version)
  • All You Are The Best
    Behind The Mask (LP)
  • Let´s Crush
    Let´s Crush (single 2014)

Vydavatelství: Alfedus Music
Producent: Alfedus Music
Mix: Sweet Stacee Studio
Mastering: Sweet Stacee Studio
Album art: VRAGA Graphic Design


Behind The Mask (LP)

19. 6. 2016

Debut Album of czech Glam Band Bad Joker´s Cream!

Stacee Roxx - Lead Vocal, Guittars
Tommy Ace - Bass, Backvocals
Jamie Lee Caster - Guittars
Dave J. - Drums

Special Thanx to:

Studio "PANTHEON" - Live Record
GM Studio - Vocals
Tonda Richter - Arrangement
Sweet Stacee Studio - Mix/Mastering

Album Art:
Michaela Paulini - Photos
VRAGA Graphic Design - Graphic

Alfedus Music