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  • 1988
  • Naomi
  • Supernova
  • Soul Machine - 1967 (Atrey Remix)

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I am the last direct descendant of french golden era of electronic music. Voluntarily an outsider of the EDM big game. Observer of technological and social evolution of our age and art being a consumer goods. My music is my natural defense mechanism against these phenomenons. I believe in true art which yields true emotions like it used to be when we were just little kids with spotless minds. As a kid every boy loves superheroes and vigilantes fighting against injustice. I also loved those movies and videogames and wore a red cape pretending to be one. This childsplay stuck on me. It just transfered from red capes to my music as my weapon. I am not trying to save anyone but me. Every piece of my music tells stories to every listener who is willing to listen. I belive that real art is timeless if done so. I am the last direct descendant. I am Atrey.

Atrey is that kind of artist who don't categorize himself. Atrey is an electronic music producer based in central Europe. He released his debut album "Taste", which highlights a retro style heavily influenced by the music of the 1980s. Atrey's dynamic songs are fresh and nostalgic at the same time, ready to be included in big Hollywood motion picture soundtracks needing 80s styled tracks. From songs with vocals, like "1988," to hip instrumental tracks like "Who's That Lady," this music will effortlessly transport you back in time. 
Mixing up a bit of disco, a bit of synthwave and a bit of french electro comes central European producer Atrey. A man who's visual imagery and attitude seem deeply embroiled in the synthwave scene but who music has more in common with the kind of huge Electro tunes from a few years back, albeit with a smooth disco twist.
His single, "Guilty Pleasure" is a prime example. Begining with moody 80s soundtrack chords, the track soon descends into mind-blowing, heavy digital slap-bassed, french electro. A masterclass in frantic synth disco, there is so much going on in this track it’s astounding; and delivered with crystal clean production. Infectious as hell, feel no guilt about loving "Guilty Pleasure".