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  • "As Night Falls" from film soundtrack KYSELÝ DECH
  • Everything has its end from NEW CD "World is Vain" 2016!
  • "Dependence" from NEW CD "World is Vain" 2016!
  • My closest enemy - video edit

Zone - My closest enemy (Official music video 2015)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 1.5.2015
New Czech - Polish band ZONE presents the debut video "My Closest Enemy" produced by an
enthusiast of the dark side of the cinema, Lukas Bulava - (Horrorwatch). Music by Digaz, lyrics
by Sebastian Bartek. Special thanks to the guys from Bloody Obsession (cult corpses).

Nová česko - polská kapela ZONE představuje debutní videoklip "My Closest Enemy" produkovaný
nadšencem temné kinematografie Lukášem Bulavou - (Horrorwatch). Hudba: DiGaZ, Text: Sebastian
Bartek. Speciální poděkování klukům z Bloody Obssesion, za kultovní mrtvoly.

Nowy czesko - polski zespół prezentuje swój debiutancki videoclip "My Closest Enemy"
wyprodukowany przez fana mrocznego kina, Lukasa Bulawę - (Horrorwatch). Muzyka: Digaz, słowa:
Sebastian Bartek. Specjalne podziękowania dla chłopaków z Bloody Obsession (kultowe trupy).

Sebastian says, that the lyrics is about a man who has very serious mental disorders. He has
constant visions in which his relatives and friends die. He can't stand it because each and
every day is a torture for him, so he finally decides to commit suicide.

Zone are:
Lumír KRÖMER - Lead Guitar
Sebastian BARTEK - Bass, Vocal
DiGaZ - Drums
Azazel - Rhytm guitar

(c) 2015 Horrorwatch & Zone
Directed by: Lukaš Bulava (Horrorwatch)
Music recorded: Studio DiGaZ (2014)


I killed them all
Everyone's dead

Every time I close my eyes I feel the cold
Every time I close my eyes I see them dead

Bad news, coffins and never ending mourning

One by one they all die
Day by day and step by step to...

Bad news, coffins and never ending mourning

Another lousy day is coming my way
Another lousy night is coming my way
I am in a trap
But I'm not gonna die
An old wolf is biting my leg off

The rope around my neck is getting tighter every day
I crave for this so much, for months I have been on my way
Forgive me everything, understand that I cannot stay
For too long I have suffered and for too long I have prayed