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  • Alpha IrRadiation - Psycho 2.0
    Alpha IrRadiation - RePsycho (2018)
  • N-616 - Showing Up
    N-616 - Showing Up (EP) (2017)
  • Zyklus :N: - Childhunter
    Zyklus :N: - Geistesgift (Synth​-​Me Edition)
  • London Sadness - My Denial
    London Sadness - God is My Boss (EP)
  • N8STROM2618 - Sleepless
    N8STROM2618 - No Signal Input
  • Sireirom - Dysphoria
    Sireirom - Delirium
  • Sturmmann - Ich Bin Bereit!
    Sturmmann - Ich Bin Bereit! (EP)
  • Synthetische Lebensform - Impact of Technology
    Synthetische Lebensform - Extravagant
  • Synthetische Lebesform - Subsequence
    Synthetisch Lebensform - Initialization
  • Asdeandare - Industrial Rise!
    Asdeandare - In the Darkness of Orbits (EP)
  • Distortion Six - Weak
    Distortion Six - Act of Retribution
  • KryoniK Moon - Volmond
    KryoniK Moon - SuperLuna
  • Mea Vita - Secret Light
    Mea Vita - Eternity of Nothingness
  • Omnimar - Ego Love
    Omnimar - Ego Love (EP)
  • Segentot - Amphitimia
    Segentot - Halodevourer
  • Antilav - In My Dreams
    Antilav - Antilav
  • Uho za Oko - Poezija
    Uho Za Oko - Ill (Tik-Tak) (EP)
  • Ultimate Soldier feat. Lukk - Ready to Fight
    Ultimate Soldier - Ready to Fight (EP)
  • Vile Flesh - C On Fession
    Vile Flesh - Dvojnost (2CD)

N8STROM2618 - The Midnight Hour (2020)

The Internet label Synth-Me presents the new full-length work of the German rhythmic noise project N8STROM2618. The project was formed in 2002 and has 10 full-length albums in its discography, one of which has already been released by Synth-Me. The new work is called "The Midnight Hour" and is a combination of a pulsating mid-tempo oldschool rhythmic noise and mechanical emery industrial. The album includes 14 new compositions that will take the listeners on a midnight journey through the expanses of industrial. “The Midnight Hour” album will be released for free download on the Synth-Me official website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Synth it up!

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Synthetische Lebensform - Redirection (2019)

A new era? May be. New sound? Definitely. New turn? Probably. New direction? Maybe. Synth-Me Internet label presents remix release of Russian project Synthetische Lebensform. In 2015 a duo from Murmansk released a successful debut full-length album, which was warmly received by fans of post-industrial music. In 2017 adding one letter to the name SLF released their second full-length album with more diverse sound. In 2019 there will be no full-length album, however, the project will please its fans with other interpretations of its past material. Reimagined material by the Russians themselves and their colleagues for the dark scene is called "Redirection" and includes five reworked by Synthetische Lebensform themselves tracks and eight remixes. More voluminous dense sound of new versions lies in the area of the same oldschool electro-industrial, however with more modern notes. Their European and South American colleagues worked on remixes. The result is a powerful release with a dark electro thriller from the Mexicans Death Signals, an electro-industrial remix from the Belgians Reality's Despair, EBM opuses from the Germans The Saint Paul and Zweite Jugend and the Swiss BAK XIII, a dance rhythmic remix from the Russians Antilav, futurepop atmosphere of the British LordD Master and unexpected rock remix from Swedish Guilt Trip. "Redirection" will be available for free download on the official Synth-Me website and on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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Inversion Of Control - Final Answer (2019)

Internet label Synth-Me presents the debut album of the Polish project Inversion of Control. The project from Krakow was formed in the middle of the tenths and in 2016 released the first EP. Since the beginning the formation has released four EPs, two of which were also published in instrumental versions. In 2019 Inversion of Control began collaborating with Synth-Me and there their debut full-length album would be released. The work is called "Final Answer" and includes 11 new tracks. A hard mystic dark electro with rhythmic dance beats and elements of an agro-industrial with evil distorted vocals is the main musical component of Inversion of Control. Uncompromising toughness with viscous overflows, vocal parts classic for dark electro genre and hard beat. All this you will hear in the "Final Answer". The album will be released for free download on the official Synth-Me website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Synth it up!

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