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  • Alpha IrRadiation - Psycho 2.0
    Alpha IrRadiation - RePsycho (2018)
  • N-616 - Showing Up
    N-616 - Showing Up (EP) (2017)
  • Zyklus :N: - Childhunter
    Zyklus :N: - Geistesgift (Synth​-​Me Edition)
  • London Sadness - My Denial
    London Sadness - God is My Boss (EP)
  • N8STROM2618 - Sleepless
    N8STROM2618 - No Signal Input
  • Sireirom - Dysphoria
    Sireirom - Delirium
  • Sturmmann - Ich Bin Bereit!
    Sturmmann - Ich Bin Bereit! (EP)
  • Synthetische Lebensform - Impact of Technology
    Synthetische Lebensform - Extravagant
  • Synthetische Lebesform - Subsequence
    Synthetisch Lebensform - Initialization
  • Asdeandare - Industrial Rise!
    Asdeandare - In the Darkness of Orbits (EP)
  • Distortion Six - Weak
    Distortion Six - Act of Retribution
  • KryoniK Moon - Volmond
    KryoniK Moon - SuperLuna
  • Mea Vita - Secret Light
    Mea Vita - Eternity of Nothingness
  • Omnimar - Ego Love
    Omnimar - Ego Love (EP)
  • Segentot - Amphitimia
    Segentot - Halodevourer
  • Antilav - In My Dreams
    Antilav - Antilav
  • Uho za Oko - Poezija
    Uho Za Oko - Ill (Tik-Tak) (EP)
  • Ultimate Soldier feat. Lukk - Ready to Fight
    Ultimate Soldier - Ready to Fight (EP)
  • Vile Flesh - C On Fession
    Vile Flesh - Dvojnost (2CD)

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Dodatečné info

Web-label for releasing industrial, gothic, synth, post-industrial and neofolk music.

Bio a historie

The web-label Synth-Me was created in the beginninng of the year 2012 by the frontman of the industrial dance TBM project Diesel Xzaust Alexey Mad as a platform for young and friendly musicians for releasing their material for free in the internet. First releases were about remixes and unreleased material of known projects, but from time to time the label was releasing new stuff. One of those remix albums was known Chilean aggro-industrial formation Vigilante with the Synth-me edition due to the concert tour in Russia. Since the summer 2012 Synth-Me started to release also debut albums from the potencionally successfull newcommers. Most of the project were from ex-USSR countries (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) and the genres mostly were from the post-industrial scene: TBM, dark electro, electro-industrial, EBM, but gothic music was also one of the genres represented on the label. The material was published for free download on different resourses including, format forums in Russia and Ukraine and webzines of dark scene community in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. During 1.5 years Synth-Me turned to be known in Russia, but Alexey stopped working with the label and Synth-Me was silent for more than half a year. Dark scene journalist, DJ, musical critic and experimental musician Count_Death was helping with the label from the beginning, but since the end of 2013 he took the label in his hands and started to develop Synth-Me and bring it to the new level. The geographical borders became wider and the genres became more colorful. Several classic industrial influenced musicians were signed to the label, electronic rck and synthpop also. Norwegian, French, German, Slovenian and American musicians joined. Russian newcommers were mixed by such famous projects as Belgian Signal Aout 42, American Oneiroid Psychosis, German Absurd Minds, Desastroes, Mechanical Moth, Metallspürhunde and Vainerz, Hungarian Plazmabeat, Czech mulpHia, Japanese Bespa Kumamero and many others less known. Also in the new era of label Bandcamp and Discogs profiles were created, cooperation with several radio stations and known CD labels was established. At the moment Cound_Death is the only member of the Synth-Me label team, but with all the development and amount of release per year it might change in the nearest future. Also NoiseUp label planned as the subdivision of Synth-Me only for noise, power electronics and death industrial music. So be it. Synth it up!