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  • "Ominous Throbbing" (mCD Jesus Christ Superlunch 2019)
  • "The Theatre of Torture" (CD In the Secretion of Upcoming Days 2
  • "Eaten Alive" (Promo CD 2015)
  • "Crushing Humanity" (The Shreds of Oblivion CD)
  • "Homicidal Premonitions" (The Shreds of Oblivion CD)
  • "Blood Red Path" (Promo CD 2011)
  • "Beyond the Gates of Doom" (Promo CD 2011)
  • "Homicidal Premonitions - R.O.T.L.D. remix" - 2012
  • "Koln City Graveyard" - Intro

SECTESY - "Homicidal Premonitions" 2014

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 3.1.2015
Summoned from the darkened ruins
Where only sadness dwells
I lie trapped in the cremation
Ceasing and deceasing
The primitive past is possessing me

Lost beyond the realm of death
I now unchain the procession into misery
Restrain from the powers kept within

Your god dies for me
Dead for all eternity
Expelled into abyss

Unleash the deadspawn up from the grave
Immortality forever turned to ash
Dying without knowing the truth revealed
Transcendence into the dark side has now begun

Baptize me with the blood of the innocents
Sacrificed through the ancient rites
Together we´ll dominate the fallen
Forever crucified with all the angels that I have raped
On the altars of outrageous hate

This is the day the man is forgotten
Life perished beneath the crooked cross