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SECTESY - "Blood Red Path" 2014

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 4.10.2014
You stare into the dark as your life slips away
Destined to agony in a shallow grave
The cold blood flows now all over me
Spawning my darkened demon seed

Paralyzed -- by the burden of life
Lobotomized -- through the curse of death

The incarnation of soulless dominance
Risen from the shadows of depravity
As you fall down on your knees
Nailed to the vermin tomb

With mind corrupted I dig up the grave
Flesh consumed as I desecrate
The burial ground and I decapitate

Overwhelmed by subcionscious lust to kill
Cannot wait to hear the screams of the damned
Human remnants tortured beyond eternity
Insane bloodlust shall prevail
Over the sceneries full of rotting flesh
Behind the burning cemetery gates

I´ll make you cry I´ll make you bleed
I stare into your eyes now full of fear
As I summon the beast within
Only tormented shreds remain