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Saveyourself melodic-hardcore / Chropyně

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  • Modern Plastic Age (2020)
  • L.D.H.B. // Life Deals Hardest Blows // (2020)
  • We Walk Alone (Acoustic Version 2019)
  • Miserable act (2019)
  • We walk alone (2019)
  • Burn the Bridges (2019)

Saveyourself - Modern Plastic Age (feat. Smash Drunx sk8 punx)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 23.10.2020
Official music video for "Modern Plastic Age" by Saveyourself.

Directed by eRko
Video Produced by eRko & Petr Remeš




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Recorded at Bombjack Studios (September 2019) -…
Music Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Wendell Dreisetl


Saveyourself, a five-member group, musically moving between HC and post-hardcore. The band's emphasis is on melody, sharp riffs, and the urgency of singing, where the "poisonous" spittting loudspeaks meet strong refrains, with enough space for concert singalong.

eRko - vocals
Dan - guitar, background vocals
Ritchie - guitar
Romča - drums
Korek - bass

Special thanks goes to:

Aliena, Zuza, Smash Drunx and all audience, Zbyshek, Desed DG, U Lorenze café, HerHair Studio and Zbyšek Nečekal, Drugstore in KM, Hynek, Petr O. our wives and kids, our parents and friends.
Love ya' all "xoxo