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  • We Are not Blind
    Breakaway (LP)
  • Burning Hearts
    Breakaway (LP)
  • Keep Hold (NEW EP_Keep Hold_2014)
  • Skinhead 4 Life feat. Sucker(OXYMORON)
  • Last of the Gang (Featuring Jenny Woo)
  • Voice of the Street
  • Mr. Know It All

Saints & Sinners - "Keep Hold" - Official (HD)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 29.6.2014
Saints & Sinners - "Keep Hold" official video


Taken from new EP "Keep Hold" out on KB Records / Longshot Music (2014)

Recorded and directed by Frank Pellegrino - in Prague between 18.-21.4.2014.

THANX - klub Buben (Myslíkova 8, Praha 2) and all people which help and support us. KEEP THE FAITH!


In different countries we were born and grew
In dark cities we are living now
But we're the same for the love of rock'n'oi!
To our culture which can never be destroyed

This ain't just a song for the place where we belong
It's for the ones who still care
Let's join the crew, to know what it's all about
We're the kids -- we gonna shout:

Raise up our flag - Keep up the faith
It's storm over my life -- KEEP HOLD!

Time has changed and you must see it too
If you are not blind like a fool
So express you passion & support your scene
and we'll meet one day with a cold beer in our hands