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  • Izetskal - III
    Izetskal - Untitled (2017)
  • Phÿcus - Gold 3
    Phÿcus - Ttal Gold (2017)
  • Grande Lumière Détruira Tous - MIndwall
    Grande Lumière Détruira Tous - Mindwall (2017)
  • protocell - Vampyroteuthis
    protocell - Incantation (2017)
  • Ad Marginem - The Age of Pioneers
    Ad Marginem - Works (2017)
  • Aberva - Ohuterre
    Aberva - Lisgencenive (2017)
  • Symbiotic Hominid - Freaks
    Symbiotic Hominid - Freaks (EP) (2018)
  • Aggressive Remover - 6SUBTR
    Aggressive Remover - Pungent Nonliberal Reality (2018)
  • Lightning Vanguard - Annihilation
    Lightning Vanguard - Nuclear Warfare (2018)
  • Lackthrow - Mistakes Were Made
    Lackthrow - We Haven't Been Told Yet (2018)
  • Mecizand - Papa Musang Takes His Cubs for a Walk in a Rainforest
    Mecizand - Events Deserving Attention (2018)

ASH3S - Peoples Necrosis (2020)

NoiseUp Internet label presents debut full-length album of Russian experimental project ASH3S. The project was formed at the end of the 10s in Saint Petersburg and its discography currently has two EPs and a couple of separate tracks. The debut full-length work is called "Peoples Necrosis" and contains 6 mystical compositions in different genres of industrial music. ASH3S will lead listeners through the dark and dragging corridors of death industrial, dip into the well of dark ambient, pass through the room of drone ambient and leave them dying alone with noise. ASH3S debut album will be released for free download on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Noise the world!

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Humancave - Deconfinement (2019)

Internet label NoiseUp presents the debut full-length work of the Greek project Humancave. The first recordings of the project appeared in the first half of 2019 and were a mixture of atmospheric and mystic dungeon synth. After releasing two mini-albums the musician completed the debut full-length album. The album is called "Deconfinement" and consists of 11 aerial opuses of a minimalistic abstract ambient. Elements of the dungeon synth are also present, but they are no longer so recognizable as they were. “Deconfinement” is mostly made in deep dark ambient with space ambient parts. Some tracks sound more noisy using drone ambient and soft noise. The dark side of the sky. Sacred secrets of the forests. Mysterious dreams. The vast spaces of the unknown. Loud voices of silence. The debut work of Humancave will be released for free download on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp label page. Humancaves’s debut album will be the last release for NoiseUp in 2019, so the label would like to wish good holidays and happy New Year to all its listeners. More good and amazing music in the next year. Noise the world!

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Diaatom - The Ground That Rises Up (2019)

Internet label NoiseUp presents the third album of the Mexican American project Diaatom. The project was formed in the second half of the 10s and at the moment has already released two full-length albums, the first of which was released in mid-2018. A mini-album was also added to the discography. The internation duo from Oregon and Mexico creates an atmospheric noisy experimental jazz based on many genres, including musique concrete and classic noise. Musicians use not only samples, loops and electronic features in their music, but also various music instruments. The new 30min album of the project is called “The Ground That Rises Up" and consists of two untitled compositions, in which you can scare noise manipulations with sound, experimental free jazz, sharp dark ambient, soundscapes of musique concrete and even something, that reminds power electronics. Are you ready to go behind the red curtains? Black Lodge seems like a fairy tale compared to Diaatom’s "The Ground That Rises Up". The third work of the project will be released for free download on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Noise the world!

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