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Nine Fingers crossover-pop / Praha

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Dodatečné info


   Nine Fingers is the project of pianist and singer-songwriter Monika Lohrerova, which started in the summer of 2012 in a Prague kitchen with a view of a garden full of birds.

   As she says, the idea occurred to her a long time ago, but the path to making it a reality is sometimes very long indeed. Having put the idea aside a thousand times, her attitude finally changed this summer.

   It was the very real threat of losing one of her fingers, after an ugly accident with a mixing device, that spurred her into action. You see, sometimes you almost have to lose something to appreciate exactly what it is that you’ve got. During the time she was lying at home recuperating she realized that she would never have a voice like Edith Piaf, never possess the charisma of PJ Harvey, she would never play piano like Jamie Cullum and she would probably never smoke the same number of cigarettes as Tom Waits. Following on from this sudden moment or realisation, she decided there was definitely no reason waiting any longer for things to happen!

   So please, why not sample a little taster of what she’s been cooking up in her kitchen. At present these offerings contain are only a few basic ingredients, but with the right preparation and a few special recipes she’s been working on, they could be turned into an appetising cocktail combining the sounds, tastes and fragrances she has experienced as she makes her way  across the universe of music.

   Her plan is also to bring in more band members ---  she would be especially keen for someone to share the mixing duties, as her previous ‘mixing’ experience wasn’t the best. :)

   With regard to the name, Nine Fingers, you can find a reference to the band Nine Inch Nails (especially frontman T. Reznor, her dark pubescent inspiration) as well as an allusion to the nine fruitful and very intense years she spent with the band Nierika, her first love as a group. Last but not least Nine Fingers carries a very personal message connected with the summer’s accident to never give up, even if you do have to carry the scars of some sort of handicap during your life...


Bio a historie

2001 - 2010   N I E R I K A   /piano, vocal/, 3 CD's - label PR /

2010 - musical award "Zajic" / vocalist of the year