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My Dog's Bone rock-crossover / Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou

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  • Hangover
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Brainman
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Soul
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Travel to the love
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Roses
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Always on the run
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Rooster waxmachine
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Dirt
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Bleedin'
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Flyin'
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Brand new
    Brainman and otheer heroes
  • Johnny always wanna be a tractor driver
  • Concentrated Sober
  • Cocaine
  • Monday Killers

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 +420606742724 - Pavel Sikora - Booking EN

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- Band name: My Dog’s Bone

- Genre: Hard rock

- City of origin: Znojmo, Czech republic

Band members:

- Pavel Sikora: Guitar/Lead vocal

- Jiří Diviš: Guitar/Backing vocal

- Lubomír Chlumský: Drums

- Michal Hort: Bass

Album releases:

- My dog’s bone EP (2009)

- Brainman and the other heroes (2013)

Additional data:

- Press: Fireworks magazine (GB), Rock Society (GB), Power Play magazine (GB)

- Appeared on: RockMax radio (CZ), Headbangers radio (NL), ARfm London (GB)

- First place in the competition United islands of talents

- Concert on the Sziget festival (HU)

- Playing live since 2006 (CZ, PL, D, A, SVK, HU)

Contact information:

 For more information on the band call or write:

- Francis Sýkora, tel. +420 725 592 525,

Facebook - My Dog's BoneTwitter - My Dog's - My Dog's BoneMy Dog's Bone - My Dog's BoneYouTube - My Dog's Bone 


It all started in a cave near Altamira, Spain, when a young Neanderthal boy Grohlnd learned to play gentle melodies on a hairy rhino’s intestine. All the Neanderthal girls fell for him immediately. Grohlnd passed his art to his son who perfected it and passed it further to the next generation. Then, Grohlnd’s descendants left the tribe, leaving the art to sink into oblivion. It reappeared with the ancient Sumerian culture. Loachs, a local carpenter, enchanted the Sumerians with his moving song called “Gilgamesh Rock’n’Roll”. But the hateful priests cast Loachs into the abyss of eternal damnation. Again, the art of melody was once again lost for many centuries. The ancient rock’n’roll vibe then took over the Renaissance court of the king Louis XV. A vagrant lute player Charles Berrier enthralled the Paris audience with the song “Jacques Est Bon”. As corsets and chastity belts began to cover the stage during his performances, the king decided to have the trouvère guillotined. The dark ages that followed were ended by a young Robert Johnson who escaped from a plantation and crafted a guitar out of a cigar box. It was the year of 1922 and all this happened in the Mississippi River Delta. Robert’s guitar skills reached perfection. The locals said it was because he had a deal with the Devil. But the truth was Robert literally inhaled the aura of rock’n’roll floating at that time in those moonlit dark places. Since then, this art has not yet died. Somewhere in southern Moravia, in Czech California, there is a group of rock’n’roll archaeologists who strive to bring these forgotten yesterdays to the light of today. These explorers call themselves MY DOG’S BONE and we will talk about them next time…