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Mouthguard punk / Brisbane

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  • Tram 22
    One More Round
  • Gonna go all the Way
    One More Round
  • Eye for an Eye
    One More Round
  • She is a Hooligan
    One More Round
  • Green Eyed Jenn
    One More Round
  • Drink the Night away
    One More Round

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Dodatečné info

MouthGuard are an Australian Punk band that play a molotov cocktail of Punk, Oi and Hardcore.

MOUTHGUARD has been bringing drunkin' oi-punk thunder from the land down under for almost ten years now and have recorded 3 full lengths, an EP and have appeared on numerous compilations. They have made themselves a staple all over the world and are now ready to crack open their musical six pack in the good 'ole U.S.A.

Having supported such act as DROPKICK MURPHYS, ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE, THE ADDICTS, THE EXPLOITED, UK SUBS, and more, MOUTHGUARD has aroused fist pumping crowd involvement time and time again.

Integrating street-oriented, good-times inspired, anthems that accent traditional street punk and European Oi with clear traces of east coast hardcore, MOUTHGUARD appeal equally to fans of COCK SPARRER, MURPHY'S LAW, THE BUSINESS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and DROPKICK MURPHYS.


MouthGuard (self titled) - 13 track CD
Siege Mentality/Drunk Again – 7” Vinyl
Born Out of Disgust - 16 track CD
Carry on MouthGuard - 8 track CD
Split EP with HardxTimes – 7” Vinyl (France)
House of Stoush - 20 track CD
MouthGuard / Drongos for Europe split CD
Killed By MouthGuard – 12 track CD
One more Round – 6 track CD
Split EP with the Agitators – 10” Vinyl

Compilation Appearances
Up Yours (Australia)
Skunk and Disorderly (Australia)
Punk O Clock 3 (Australia)
Heapz of Brisbane Punk Bands (Australia)
Black Marketeers #2 (Australia)
Parade of the Horribles (Australia)
Drunks, Guns and Livestock in the streets #2 (Australia)
15th Precinct Punk Compilation #2 (Australia)
15th Precinct Punk Compilation #3 (Australia)
Regression Zine #11 (Australia)
Barcode the world - On the nod 2000 (Australia)
Oi & Streetpunk - Made in Australia (Spain)
World Wide Noise Attack (UK)
Plastic Bomb Compilation (Germany)
Russian Punk Cannonade #3 (Russia)
International Punk BoxSet (Canada)
Infinite Diversity in Infinite (USA)
Born To Lose - Johnny Thunders Tribute (Belgium)
Noise not bombs (Indonesia)
Punk in Sunderland #4 featuring "Punk Around the World" (UK)
Time to Pay Up #3 (Australia)
Blackpool Bounce (UK)
State of the Scene (USA)
Punk Occupation 14 (Russia)
Lambination 3 (Ireland)
Oi the Print Compilation 29 (Austria)
Barflies United - Barflies 5 years Compilation (Czech Republic)
Beyond the Banana Curtain (Australia)
Garry Bushell presents the 30 Year Anniversary Oi Album (Germany)

Dropkick Murphys (USA), Exploited (UK), DOA (Canada), UK Subs (UK), Beerzone (UK) Adicts (UK), Anti-Nowhere League (UK), Channel 3 (USA), Dayglo Abortions (Canada), The Go Set, Mindsnare, Toe to Toe, H-Block 101, Vicious Circle & heaps more.

International Tours
European 2006 : Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, France and the UK.
European 2008 : Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.
European 2009 : Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.

Amitystock - 2000, 2001
Summer Air Fest - 2001
Livid - 2002
Bananageddon 4ZZZ FM Market Day - 2002
Fowl Air Fest - 2003
Ramone-a-thon - 2004
4ZZZ FM Market Day - 2005
Punx Picnic –2005
Wasted Festival - UK 2006
Party On Festival – Belgium 2008
Subculture Festival – Czech Republic 2008
Rebellion Festival – UK 2008
AntiFest – Czech Republic 2009
Mighty Sounds – Czech Republic 2009
Endless Summer – Germany 2009
Rebellion Festival – UK 2009

We love St. Pauli Football Club and Bohemians 1905 FC (Ian likes Chelsea FC).

Bio a historie

Mouthguard since 1999.

Members: Otto, Viktor, Brendan, Darrin, Pat, Ian

Past Members: Mark, Doblo, JJ, Ben, Matty, Mick, Jim, Greg, Lindsay, Matt (lasted only 3 weeks)