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Los Dodos breakbeat-electronica / Praha

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  • 1. Survive_Intro
  • 2. Cymphonix
  • 3. Insomnia
  • 4. Ultimate Machine /Los Dodos Rmx/
  • 5. Hit the Ground
  • 6. Sparks voc. by C-Lara
  • 7. Who actually live / los dodos original mix /

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Los Dodos
There´s no beat like an oldschool breakbeat, resonating through the walls of hypermodern cities.Los Dodos remember the borders of the east going down in flames and now, they are bringing theclassic sound to the new age. You can feel the energy that drives them, and the questions that hountthem; in the unstoppable, frentic rhythm, they tell the unheard urban stories – the ones that could be so far away, and yet remain in the center of it all.

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