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Johnny: Music Made For No More Reasons indie-folk / Cheb

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  • 01-intro
  • 02-Cocaine Blues (Luke Jordan cover)
  • 03-(Hey Misses E.) What Will Be With Us In The Future
  • 04-Hold On Me Baby
  • 05-Ranni Blues
  • 06-Some Ways
  • 07-Burning Soul



Burning Soul

(Upraveno: )

Takze dneska prisel novej shit... je to tak trochu o lasce, ale hlavne sem tam hodne nasran... takze to kontroluj ;)

Yeah I tried to satisfy my soul for years

With you there was nothing just scream and tears

And those feelings helped to fix my broken mind

Even when my heart is now like with shark's bite

Yeah I'm still smoking the same cigarettes

And my voice still sounds like Joan Jett

And I still would like to be with you in love

When your voice still sounds like Edith Piaf

And there's no way to help my burning soul

I'm really pissed of that stupid dick

I guess he would never play good guitar lick

I know he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink all night

He's not smoking weed, yeah that's all right

But he is way that oh la la la

And I'm the way go fuck yourself

So you can still come back and move in LA

Because I'm a man on his way

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