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Interface death-metal / Bratislava

„Kapela není aktivní“

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Nástrojové obsazení: Bicí
Nástrojové obsazení: Zpěv, Growl
Nástrojové obsazení: Baskytara, Growl

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Dodatečné info


Lubja - Vocal

Sarkast - Bass, Growl

Michal - Guitar

Raspar - Drums







Album Download:

Enter The Exit (2010):   http://entertheexit.tk


Bio a historie

Interface was founded around year 2006, as a pure creation of a few friends who have themselves experienced a passion for music. However, soon personal disagreements came, and only two of them remain– Sarkast (Est-band) and Paťo. Later A young vocalist - Lubja joined the band. At first, the band played traditional heavy-metal, insipred by bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden. Unfortunately the band still could not find the right drummer. In this period, band played mostly covers, and the band for the first time performed live in battle of the bands in Randall club in Bratislava. After this a major turning point came. Raspar, new drummer and Samuel, new guitarist have joined Interface. Band began composing more own songs and became more aggressive. After rehearsing new songs, band performed two concerts, but shortly after, they lost their rehearsal room. Samuel was fired and almost a year long term without a rehearsal room started for the band. They used this time to compose and record a nine song demo album ,,Enter The Exit“ http://entertheexit.tk/, wich finally defined music style of the band. In year 2011 we have found a new place to rehearse and a new guitarist – Wonder (ex-Necro Anatomy, ex-Doomed, Increasing Passion) joined Interface. In late 2011 band began to record their mini EP named Enter Our Interface rolling out in 2012. In this time a major change happened, Paťo guitarist is leaving Interface. The band has got no time to lose, so he is temporarily replaced for live shows. Michal, his live replacement is soon accepted as official member of the band.