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  • Korben Dallas: Beh ( koprodukcia a mix Erik Horák)
  • Noisecut: Dáta taja dych ( autor Erik Horák )
  • Zlokot: Príjmi Zlokot ( autor, produkcia, mix Erik Horák ))
  • Kolowrat: Niky už vie ( produkcia a mix Erik Horák )
  • Kolowrat: Nepokoj v hlave a v tele ( produkcia a mix Erik Horák
  • Zdenka Predná: Stratená ( autor, produkcia a mix Erik Horák )
  • Katarzia: Knock Drop ( nahratie a mix Erik Horák )
  • Katarzia: Dunaj (nahratie a mix Erik Horák)
  • No Gravity: Beneath the Dirt ( produkcia a mix Erik Horák )

Živé kvety: Bratislava II

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 1.10.2014
Video directed by Maroš Berák

You say welcome, call and refuse me with that permanent lipstick on
you laugh vulgarly lean back and say, I have my men everywhere
you bitch mother who does not care for her missing pups
you memory of backyards, dusters, of walnuts and pops
you mundane lady with no fear of losing tomorrows vogue
you Eastern waitress who cried her eyes out over her pay and goes home
you Zoo of smallest scale and sorrowfully chewing species
you soap opera, my murderer, my horror and a mafian grave

Bratislava Bratislava
Bratislava Bratislava

You joyful run home, fishing for letters, deadly trap
you committee of stares from wedding rites and eternal desire to play
you provincial opera with fume and feather filth, you glass eye of a bird of prey
you hand clenched into fist, you lie and hoax, you bar named Work
You walking banner for Coco Chanel and bitter smile of a gambler
you concrete suburb where snow falls on the leaves and blind puss tears
you packed sardine with the blond girl in, waiting for a miracle to happen
you soaked trench coat and park pervert, gray as a bird

Bratislava Bratislava
Bratislava Bratislava

Recorded by Živé kvety:
Lucia Piussi - vocals
Agnes Lovecká - drums, bg. vocals
Juraj Mironov - Rhodes piano, bg. vocals
Jakub Kratochvíl - piano, bg. vocals
Peter Bálik - bass, guitar
special guest: Marián Varga - Hammond organ
www.zivekvety.sk // www.polipet.cz
Available on 12" vinyl or digital download (iTunes, Google play, etc.)