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Diary Of My Misanthropy post rock-ambient / Praha

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  • War is Peace
  • Freedom is Slavery
  • Ignorance is Strength
  • Kindness is Weakness
  • Naked Body, Hidden Soul
  • The Curtain is Closing (Epilogue)
  • Distance Between Us
  • Behind The Ruins I See A Soul Of Places
  • Rain
  • Ghosts Of The Past (feat. Dmitry Skakun)
  • Unspoken Words

New EP "Behind The Ruins I See A Soul Of Places"

I am glad to present you my debut EP "Behind The Ruins I See A Soul Of Places".

It includes 5 tracks, into each of which I put my heart and soul, my feelings and emotions. And I hope that my music will find a broad response in your hearts.
Also I want to express special gratitude to Dmitry Skakun (facebook.com/OceanDreamsStudio) for mixing, mastering and sound production.
And to Alexey Ryazanov for recording bass for the songs 'Rain' and 'Behind The Ruins...'.
All the songs you can download absolutely FREE on my Bandcamp page:
Help me spread this release among a large number of listeners, namely - place release on your pages, tell your friends about it and post it on the Internet. I will be immensely grateful to you for it!