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Diary Of My Misanthropy post rock-ambient / Praha

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  • War is Peace
  • Freedom is Slavery
  • Ignorance is Strength
  • Kindness is Weakness
  • Naked Body, Hidden Soul
  • The Curtain is Closing (Epilogue)
  • Distance Between Us
  • Behind The Ruins I See A Soul Of Places
  • Rain
  • Ghosts Of The Past (feat. Dmitry Skakun)
  • Unspoken Words

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#post-rock #post-metal #ambient #instrumental #cinematic rock

Diary of My Misanthropy – is an atmospheric instrumental music project, founded by Vladyslav Tsarenko in 2013 as a one man band, and developed into a full-fledged 3-piece band in 2015:

Vladyslav Tsarenko - guitar
Vladimir Sakharenko - bass
Sergei Dubovenko - drums

The main aim of DoMM – to tell the stories without any words, to convey feelings and emotions using melodies and riffs, to make the listener think about the most important things.
The subject of our music is often based on complex relationships between people, as well as on the problems of modern society, in which the states start wars and impose total control for the sake of their power with the help of propaganda and manipulation.
Our great inspirations are the dystopian novels, such as "1984" by George Orwell, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. In today's world, when a technological progress has gone much further than the psychological development of a human, those dystopias are becoming closer and more real, than we could think. They are feasible, that is why people should do their best to prevent it.




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