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  • From Eternity To Here
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 Country Rocks!

 BlueGround is a band from Czech Republic playing contemporary American country music with undeniable nod towards traditional stream of country music. Almost all members of the band have long experience from performing in various musical groupings, ranging from bluegrass to country and beat. Deep passion for country music connects them all. Basically all members have experience with studio work and have many CDs and radio recordings under the belt.                

BlueGround was put together in 2001 as a fun part – time project but from 2006 the band performs on regular basis and it has stabilized in the following line – up:

  • Martin Mikuláš – vocals, guitar, banjo
  • Marek Mikuláš – vocals, electric guitar
  • Jaroslav Teska – vocals, bass guitar
  • Petr Klouda – steel guitar
  • Igor Holub – drums, percussion
  • Luboš Herman – vocals, guitar, banjo, harp
  • Jaroslav Štěrba – fiddle 

The band’s philosophy is to utilize own individual creativity and invention, but the presentation and musical taste must respect the tradition carried out by the most respected American country music artists. The substantial part of the repertoire is sung in English but recently the band works on own original material including new Czech country songs. 


 BlueGround offers different formats of performance in different venues ranging from concerts in theatres, festival stages, clubs, music venues, but also private events, parties, etc. The band also plays county balls and dance parties!

 No matter which venue, BlueGround guarantees electrifying stage presence, loads of  country music standards known by everybody, hot picking and fine entertainment. The MC can be done in English.


 Our task is to meet organizer’s wishes, needs and capabilities, therefore the fee for performance is always set upon mutual agreement between the organizer and band management and it respects the type and total length of the performance, travel expenses and other expenditures.


 Stage of minimal size 6 x 4 m

 Electric supply 220 V/16 A



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The band is managed by:


Roman Liška

Sluštice 62

Sibřina 250 84

Czech Republic


The band is officially represented by the production agency:


Marek Mikuláš
IČ: 65456653
Na padesátém 6, Praha 10, 101 00
bank connection Česká spořitelna, a.s.,
account no: 478070083/0800
tel: +420-724 047 477