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Parricide death-progressive / Jihlava

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  • Inheritance /// incident 8 ///
  • Introspection /// incident 3 ///
  • Insensitive apathetic cells /// incident 1 ///
  • Ineradicable /// incident 2 ///
  • Behind these walls /// Track 1 ///
  • Artificial gods /// Track 6 ///
  • Silent witness /// Track 7 ///

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Dodatečné info

Dnes již rozpadlé legendární metalové hudební těleso z Jihlavy.

The band was founded in 1993 . In the following three years the band gave over to concerts and created suitable line - up and materials for recording .The preparation was finished in the beginning of 1996 when the band departed for the Hacienda studio to record the material for the first demo " The Book Remains Open " . The recording summarized the development of the band in the past years and tended to doom - death metal style . Then concerts and further modification of the line - up followed : a new bass guitar player joined the band .Ten month after " The Book ... " the band returned to the same studio to record the second deed called " Threnody for the Tortured " (1997) . The new material shifted more towards death metal and influences of the other style can be recognized . Due to problems in the agency which released the album the material didn ´t appear on CD´s .Reviews marked the album as technical death metal and the band began to describe its style as a unorthodox death metal . In spite of personnel problems the band gave themselves up to active concerting . Everything culminated by exchanging the drummer in May 1998 . After that , the band composed new songs and organized series of concerts Summer Storm 98 and Allied Souls minifests 99 .At present , we are bringing the material to an end close .We recorded it under the name “ Incidents in the Extinct Spot " in Hacienda Studio in October 1999 . Now the pesonal changes are coming through . Tom Hlávka ( Cranium ) should make up for current guitar player Bob and Tom Vorlicek ( Dorian Gray , Morgengry ) will replace the drummer Petr Stava . Since the beginning of the year 2000 the band has been working in a new line-up on new songs. After plenty of concerts band crashed in the end of year 2001 .

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