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14. prosince 2009
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    No Way Back

VEES - WOODEN PEOPLE (Official video by Martin Privratsky)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 4.12.2012
Artist: Vees
Song: Wooden People
Album: Foe Dry (2012 X Production)
Director: Martin Privratsky
Movie: Tomorrow Will Be Better

Matej Vodicka - guitar, synths, vocals
Jan Bernard Vanecek - bass, synths, electric piano, organ, vocals
Frantisek Vacha - drums, percussions, vocals

FIM/IFMXF World Champion 2010 - zabiják na motorce

You're hot you're good you have it.
Long legs brown hair, no soul.
Right after gig in action a Hotshot woman,
getting my fourth base at home.

Oh, you want it. Now you gonna get it.
Oh, you want it. Now you gonna get it.
Oh, you want it. Now you gonna rock.

Ref.1: Wouldn't people, like you?

Your hands cause silence over here.
Describe me what words can't tell.
Don't know what you're up to
but please don't stop and listen to (go for) it anyway.

Ref. 2: Wooden people like you.

To all your friend and lovers,
for people from wood and stone.
You meant completely nothing.
I guess you won't be able to get them all.