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Sonic Halo garage-rock / Ostrava (CZ) / Galway (IRL)

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  • I Will (Single 2017) 63 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Gimme Some Water - Live Session 200 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Low Tide High Tide - Live Session 125 ×
  • Go So Far That You Come Back - Live Session 76 ×
  • So Tight - Live Session 58 ×
  • Here and Gone- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 212 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Sun Song- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 291 ×
  • Come on Make Love- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 390 ×
  • Bright Lights- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 408 ×
  • Song is a Call- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 228 ×
  • Guru You- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 145 ×
  • Better Everyday (Shine Down)- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 113 ×
  • Ocean and Fire- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 101 ×
  • You Got The Love That Makes Me Feel Alright- The Backseat Sunrise (2016) 90 ×




Youtube Video 6pEJU3JoBdQYoutube Video 6pEJU3JoBdQ

‘I Will’ is our new song about the global movement to protect nature. 
Native American Water Protectors fighting the DAPL showed that people can stand together and make a change, even when mainstream media pretends that nothing is going on. Right as we release the song about 200 trees are cut per day in a protected forest close to home. 
Simply, water is life and we need trees a lot more than trees need us. 

We’ve joined in the effort to save Bialowieza forest by making our music video about it with the help of Greenpeace and many more good people. 

Thanks to Martin Žik, Sarah Ráblová, Lenka Procházková, Greenpeace Poland, the Save Bialowieza Team, Rudolf Rubak, the Water Warriors at Standing Rock Pipeline Opposition, Hann Solo, Jirka Staněk, and every one of you who will listen, share and make this global movement work.