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13. května 2019
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Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 11.4.2019
Music video by SKYWALKER performing "IGNIS" (C) 2019

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Written by Skywalker & Seb Barlow
Recorded by Damian Kucera & Seb Barlow
Music video directed & shot by Jachym Belcher
Make up artist Aneta Stepanikova

Mixed by Damian Kucera at Sound Rapids
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering

::: LYRICS :::

Say, can I keep this up, rushing to and fro,
to the furthest reaches of my own misery
keeps me company.
I’d rather go it alone.

I never did what was expected of me
cause I can’t see what everyone wants me to see.
And I’ve been walking this path through thick and thin with this pitch black darkness trapped within.

I can see my demons, they never stay.
And every time I reach out they turn away.
So we keep on playing this little game
of our narrow escapes.

Cause I can see their eyes and they’re watching me,
leading me away from reality.
Echoes of the whispers in the night
speak in tongues I can’t translate.

So if I ever wish that I could turn this pitch black
into an understanding of
what it means to be lonely, the one and only,
I’ll swallow this truth in gulps.

I hope I can keep this up, rushing to and fro,
in this never ending game.
Tell me truthfully can this misery
fade away?

So tell me, can this misery fade away?