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Scarlett Avenue post hardcore-rock / Opava

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  • There's No Valentine's Day
  • The Gamblers
    The Gamblers
  • Party Poison
    The Gamblers
  • Confession
    The Gamblers
  • Lady Vampire (ft. Egor Erushin of Marina)
    Lady Vampire feat. Egor Erushin

Scarlett Avenue - Lady Vampire (ft. Egor Erushin of Marina) OFFI

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 7.1.2014
Scarlett Λvenue feat. Egor Erushin performing Lady Vampire. Music produced by Egor Erushin, Music video produced by Radim Kaller (Jar Head).……

Many thanks belongs to:
Egor Erushin, Radim Kaller, Petr Janoš, Michal Berger, Tereza Zvolská, Libor Menšík, Ivo Gruner, Jan Očko, Armatury KLAD s.r.o., 4STREET Opava, Jar Head

Ha ha ha
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mesdames et messieurs
Let me introduce you to Scalett Avenue
Let's fucking go

You're shallow and empty
you dissapointed your mates
two years of forlorn hope passed
it's over there's no power
in our hearts
judgement day's here
and now you're not the part of us.
Enjoy freedom

You're what you're believe in
enjoy your priority of nothing
We're sorry for you
but there's no way back
you're licked!
Shame on you!

If I could to face a chance
that never comes again
it would be hard to stay
if I could make my dreams
little bit more real
I never miss the time

Just wake up from your dreams
and drop your fucking pose
a world is not fairytale
you're not child already
you must be sad person
you are alone
is that what you wanted
in your life?

There's so many people
Yet no one makes a sound
Why don't we move forward
Beyond the ones behind you
After all let this go

Now it's over you are gone
out of our hearts
erased from life
Now it's over you are gone
out of our hearts
erased from life