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  • In Virus We Trust
    Timehookers Scumjob
  • Dayzex
    Timehookers Scumjob
  • 14th Escaping
    Timehookers Scumjob
  • Antennas
    Timehookers Scumjob



Na přání fans zveřejňujeme zatím 3 texty ke skladbám z CD "Timehookers Scumjob."

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14th Escaping

It is time to rectify imperfect replicant

Seated in the front of the flashing screen

Attitude of the mind responds to data activity

No longer chained to trauma world

Cut out from direct information supply

Connected to virtual circuit stream

Ignoring the way back to the reality

System is reset. 4th is escaped

Chorus: (AI – Artificial Inteligence)

So we are coming straight in your dreams

To be together

Data are passing in human beings

To be always together

The way you go ...

The way you think ….

The way you believe ….




Resistance warrior (artificial rebel):

Where we have got such of faith

We pray for ancient wilderness

We’ve lost the path as one in a mass

Species are so blind in its craziness

Day after day !

Priest (control inteligence):

It was me who set you up to work that way

No worries, you`re destined to remain

Resistance warrior:


It is over

Process malfunction


Self operation

I am free now

Data correction

Self destruction






I never sleep

I never eat

I never lie

I never shit

I am piece of you

I am the light in you

So if you gonna let me go,

I will take you too

I am not white

I am not black

I have no face

I do not breathe

I am not the judge

I am not the fear

But if you`ll try to run away,

I will always take you back


Two, two men stand on different side

Two, two men are opposite

The Sun, sun – the witness of violence

Reflection on the poisoned blade

Faith manipulation






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