Rest In Haste - Album: Fail to Retry |

Rest In Haste alternative-post rock / Praha

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  • Walking City
    Hello Young Traveler
  • Don't Play Dead
    Fail to Retry
  • Patience & Solitaire
    Fail to Retry
  • Your Ally, the Snakebird
    The Realistic Sounds of Rest In Haste
  • No One Regifts Liquor
    The Realistic Sounds of Rest In Haste

Vydavatelství: Rest In Haste
Producent: Amak Golden at Golden HIVE Studio, Prague + Dan Šatra at Stereo
Mix: J Robbins at Magpie Cage Studio, Baltimore, MD
Mastering: Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA
Album art: Luis Blackaller


Fail to Retry

11. 4. 2017

released April 11, 2017

Jakub Doubrava – drums & percussion
Radek Pavlovič – guitars
Electroslav Švelch – vocals
Honza Švelch – guitars & vocals
Vojta Tělupil – bass

Markéta Štechová – vocals on Patience & Solitaire

Composed, written and performed by Rest in Haste