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Primary Resistance - Indulgence

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 23.3.2014
The first official music video INDULGENCE from Primary Resistance, the bunch of musicians from Disfigured Corpse, Boycott, Awrizis, Deaf1cultO and Deaf99. This song is inspired by the silent disasters of everyday life that are all around us. From the domestic violence, trought the bully to sexual violence on kids and women. If you Witness any of this shit or have even a little suspicion, SHOW NO INDULGENCE and do everything to help. Such victims are usually mentally broke down and have no will to fight back.


PRcrew thanks to everyone who worked on this video.
Jan Petro Braun, kiNO66Y6, Iveta Doležalová, Kubish, Pavel Krajník, Eps Custom, Pajulka, Plechi, Johanka, Krajc junior and last but not least Pode for the entire work.