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Pandora Fields - Virtual Reality

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 5.11.2012
Alternativní video ke skladbě Virtual Reality, vyrobeno ve spolupráci s kanály Marks Animation CZ / EN a VideaZHerCz.
Díky za zhlédnutí.

Alternative video for the song Virtual Reality, produced in collaboration with channels Marks Animation CZ / EN and VideaZHerCz.
Thanks for watching.


Once upon a time,people lived and died. Nobody knew this world.
Then it came. Addiction and desire. Left us a word.

But now there is no love, no life, no death even no God.
You can´t find the mysteries in virtual history.
But when you try to open your eyes. You'll see!

Everything becomes almost perfect. But nothing is the same as before.
Provoke in us a lot of respect. I know. It's very strong.

I feel the breeze and smell of summer days. I know it's a dream.
A special kind of sadness and fear of the unknown face. What else is here?

And if there's a chance that I will return back. Never again! Again!

At the beginning, there was a desire for the new.But today I know that the only right is true.

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