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Orza project rock-blues / Olomouc

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  • Jedu dál (jen ukázka)- Orza & Friends (2011) 42 ×
  • Zbyl mi pláč (jen ukázka)- Orza & Friends (2011) 19 ×
  • Hoochie Coochie Man (Mc Kinlay Morganfield 1954 / OP2011) (jen u- Orza & Friends (2011) 27 ×
  • Father and Son (Cat Stevens 1970 / OP2011) (jen ukázka)- Orza & Friends (2011) 21 ×
  • Loser Blues (jen ukázka)- Orza & Friends (2011) 17 ×
  • Dopil jsem víno (jen ukázka)- Orza & Friends (2011) 21 ×
  • So Far So Good (jen ukázka)- Meeting (2017) 12 ×
  • Marijuana (jen ukázka)- Meeting (2017) 13 ×
  • Hot Wind (jen ukázka)- Meeting (2017) 9 ×
  • New Morning (jen ukázka)- Meeting (2017) 7 ×
  • The Sun Went to Sleep- Meeting (2017) 10 ×
  • Midnight Moon (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 9 ×
  • Pictures of Memories (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 9 ×
  • Colours of Faces (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 7 ×
  • Black Monday (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 5 ×
  • Entering the Silence (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 5 ×
  • Idiots' March (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 7 ×
  • Roaming over the Sky (jen ukázka)- Midnight Moon (Půlnoční měsíc) (2012) 4 ×
  • Cesta ke slunci (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 8 ×
  • Nevím (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 4 ×
  • Léta jdou (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 4 ×
  • Ptáci (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 4 ×
  • Rám (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 5 ×
  • Tam někde v srdci (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 7 ×
  • Půlnocí proměn (jen ukázka)- Cesta ke slunci (1999) 3 ×
  • Jen tak náhodou (jen ukázka)- Jen tak náhodou (2010) 6 ×
  • Extáze (jen ukázka)- Jen tak náhodou (2010) 6 ×
  • Orchestral (jen ukázka)- Jen tak náhodou (2010) 6 ×
  • V zeleném domku (jen ukázka)- Jen tak náhodou (2010) 6 ×
  • Bong, Bong II (jen ukázka)- Jen tak náhodou (2010) 8 ×
  • End- Jen tak náhodou (2010) 10 ×
  • Blues odcházející noci - (Je na CD Ornament) 88 ×

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Dodatečné info

How the ORZA PROJECT came about

“Orza” – his real name is Milan Rehak - was born toward the end of 1954 in Olomouc. He got his nickname “Orza” already in early childhood. His grandmother and aunt from Vienna bought him his first guitar around year of 1968. At that time he visited Italy and Austria with his parents. When they were returning back to Czechoslovakia, then occupied by the Russians, he sensed that there will not be a good future for him.

In the year of 1978 he got sick with a serious ear disease (At that time he was a member of the band called “ORNAMENT”). He visited ear specialists and hoped they would help him. But they acted negatively and in a weird way. Desperate Orza then asked for permission to leave the Communist Czechoslovakia for Austria to be treated there, but his request was denied. With the help from friends he was admitted in one of the Prague‘s hospitals, in which he was to undergo the necessary operation.  But instead of this planned operation he was jailed by the secret police (Stb) for his political attitude against the regime.

After being released from the prison, where his condition worsened, he finally managed to get to another of Prague‘s hospitals. Nevertheless, the doctor, who originally gave him a written admission to the hospital for the neccessary operation, was forced to advise him that on the basis of intervention by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the Secret Police (Stb) it was forbidden to him to admit him to the clinic and to operate on him.

As his disease progressed, so did accompanying problems with irreversible cosequences. Further public musical performances for Orza were not possible.

He still keeps the written admission to the necessary operation which was cancelled by the Communist Party and the Secret Police (Stb) as a reminder of the villainous and criminal regime, which torso still remains today.

Therefore, Orza did not get any satisfaction even after the “velvet” con of 1989  - which was organised by the KGB and the Stb in such a way, that the descendants of former ruling criminals got to the economic and political power. Moreover - from these criminals he gets further injustice.

Because the former Communist regime (even today‘s) robbed Orza of his health and hope to present his work at the public performances, so after overcoming initial difficulties and with the help of his friends, he started to concentrate on the studio production. He composes music and songs, plays and records them. He invites singers from the circle of his friends only.

As his health permits, he devotes himself to this creativity till today and distributes it via internet. He presents his production under the name ORZA  PROJECT.



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