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Night Before The End alternative-post hardcore / Praha

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  • Pilot Of The Bomber - New Single 2018
  • 01_ Marocco Thing
    Pornstar Syndrome EP
  • 02_Goddess of Hatered
    Pornstar Syndrome EP
  • 03_Cliff
    Pornstar Syndrome EP
  • 04_Pornstar Syndrome
    Pornstar Syndrome EP
  • 05_Boston
    Pornstar Syndrome EP
  • Tears On A Pillow - New single 2015
    Tears On A Pillow - New Single
  • Hush
  • Hatred
  • When Everything Comes To The End

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Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Zpěv, Scream
Nástrojové obsazení: Bicí

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Antonín Honzík - guitar

Anton Ermakov - bass guitar

Jan Vašák - drums

Alexey Ryazanov - lead vocals



Pilot of a Bomber

Someone was going to the mall to buy some alkohol for the party
Someone was f***ing his girl, someone was f***ing her mom on a coach
Someone was hanging in the rope, when I dropped the bomb
When I started the war

You are afraid of me? You are absolutely right
The further I fly The more of You die
And if Death Angel exists I am his wings
I  am his wings

The one who kills not once or twice
But milion of blood drops on chassys and elerons
First one to bring war to your home
Pilot of the bomber

You wont belive, but thats not me
Who choose the targets to ruin and kill
And if Death Angel exists I am his wings
I am his wings

The one who kills not once or twice
But milion of blood drops on chassys and elerons
First one to bring war to your home
Pilot of the bomber

I dont see your faces in the night
Cause when your children cry I am so high in the sky
White house lies the croud trusts
And I just fly turning people into dust
The one who kills not once or twice
But milion of blood drops on chassys and elerons
First one to bring war to your home
Pilot of the bomber

Teras On A Pillow

 Highways got me away from her

That wasn’t fair? I know!

But it seems to be my faith

To be on a road

She is stronger than I am

But why am I so afraid again

To leave her alone?



For hundred times I walked away

For hundred nights I was not at home

But she was waiting for me

Even through the tears on a pillow


And every path through the dark

Was just a way back to my kindom

But the new steps I did

The far I was from home

But the only thing I am afraid of

Is coming back To the closed doors




For hundred times I walked away

For hundred times I walked away

For hundred times I walked away

For hundred times I’ll go again!!




When everything comes to the end

How can you be so unfair

You´re my biggest nightmare

When you walk in a room

You take away all the air


All you do is drag me down

You act like you´re the one

Wearing the crown

But I´m getting sick of being treated like a loser

The one with the miserable life, the abuser


Stop ttaking me down

You know it´s not getting us anywhere

And if you´re looking for my heart it´s elsewhere

I never though you could be like this to me


E por isso tomo Opium

É um remédio

Sou um convalescente do momento

Moro no rés-do-chăo do pensamento

E ver passar a vida faz-me tédio


No, it´s not late

To give up

Love will overcome it all

it´s not late to give up

Love will overcome it all


Love is gone, all gone now


But tomorrow is another day,

How can I  make this pain go away

One more bite on my neck

One more pierce in my soul

With infliction, causing pain

Trick the sunshine, bring the shade


When everything comes to an end (2x)

When everything





12. 3. - klub Jet Praha

12. 5. - Studentský klub FF, Celetná 20 Praha

20. 5. - Festival SHOW Strahov, Praha

24. 6. - Roverfest 2009, Divadlo Za Plotem, Praha

2. 12. - Modrá Vopice, Praha


19. 3. - Strahov Klub 010, Praha

14. 4. - klub Jet, Praha

28. 4. - Festival SHOW Strahov, Praha

11. 5. - festival Mezi Bloky Praha

26. 5. - Chapeau Rouge, Praha 

2. 6. - Melodka, Brno

23. 6. - RoverFest 2010, Chapeau Rouge, Praha 

3. 11. - Motoráj Praha


28. 1. - Klub Dejvická nádražka, Praha

8. 3. - Klub XT3, Praha

23. 3. - Modrá Vopice, Praha

8. 4. - KD Dobříš, Dobříš

9. 4. - Klub HooDoo, Praha

27. 4. - SHOW - Sillicon Hill Open Wednesday, Open-air Strahov, Praha

6.5. - Pražský Majáles 2011 - RockZone stage, Stromovka, Praha

8.5. - Marathon Music Festival Óčko, Praha

9.6. - Strahov 007, Praha

10.6. - Soutěž kapel Kashe, Karlínské náměstí, Praha

17.6. - RoverFest 2011, EXIT Chmelnice, Praha

25.6. - Benefiční koncert pro salesiánské dobrovolníky, Vrtule, Praha

1.7. - Pouť Bernartice, Bernartice

22.7. - RC Kain, Praha

20.8. - Housnění 2011, Blatce

5.11. - Soutěžní minifestival 5SONGS, KD Mlejn, Praha


14.1. - Rocková mlejnice, Spolkový dům Stodůlky, Praha

17.3. - klub Trezor, Dobříš

23.3. - Zahradní restaurace Klamovka, Praha

30.3. - Strahov 007, Praha

5.4. - Chapeau Rouge, Praha

25.4. - SHOW - Sillicon Hill Open Wednesday, Open-air Strahov, Praha

8.6. - RoverFest 2012, EXIT-US, Praha

19.6. - XT3 club, Praha

1.9. - Stará mydlárna, Mělník

23.11. - Soutěž RockPro, 1. kolo, Music city, Praha

5.12. - Atelier D, ČVUT - Fakulta stavební , Praha

13.12. - XT3 club, Praha


5.1. - Soutěž RockPro, 2. kolo, Music city, Praha

22.2. - Soutěž RockPro, semifinále, Music city, Praha

13.4. - Soutěž RockPro, finále, Music city, Praha

13.6. - Nuclear summer night, Chapeu Rouge, Praha


17.6. - ACRES (UK), Cross club, Praha


31.1. - EXIT-US, Praha

3.2. - PORT NOIR (SWE), Cross club, Praha

1. 6. - STOLEN KIDNEYS /FIN/, Modrá vopice, Praha

28.6. - Z-fest 2015, Jablonec

16.9. 2015 - Imminence /SWE/, Chapeau Rouge, Praha

24.9.2015 - Rock Café, Praha

3.10.2015 - Nofnog /CH/, klub Fatal, Praha


13.2.2016 - WOES (blackened crust, /DK/), Sběrné suroviny, Praha

20.2.2016 - Metalcore night, Beer Club Štětí, Štětí

4.3.2016 - NORMANDIE /SWE/, Chapeau Rouge, Praha

21.5. - NASA Fest - Červenka - kdesi u Litovle

28.5. - Scream For Fame, Chapeau Rouge, Praha

12.8. - 15 minut music club, Olomouc

4.11. - Dream On Dreamer /AUS/, Chapeau Rouge, Praha

3.12. - w/ The Switch!, Trezor, Dobříš


24.2. - Out Of Blac Fest Dobříš, Trezor, Dobříš

7.3. - w/ In This Chest /AT/, Avoid Floating Gallery, Praha

7.4. - w/ Proximity, , Trezor, Dobříš

22.4. - křest EP "Pornstar syndrome", Chapeau Rouge, Praha

5.5. - ReddFest 2017, U-klub, Olomouc

20.5. - Benefice pro Kubíka Novotného, Loď Cargo Gallery - Rašínovo nábřeží, Praha

1.7. - Youngblood OPEN AIR 17 // CORE&DEATH Festival, Praha

6.10. - Chapeau Rouge, Praha


16.1. - w/ ERROR37 /AUS/, Café Na půl cesty, Praha

10. 3. - Scream For Fame vol.27, Chapeau Rouge, Praha

25.4. - ReddFEST Prague, Chapeau Rouge, Praha

3.7. - Rock for People, finále soutěže Planetrox 2018 CZ/SK, Hradec Králové

2.8.  - w/ Barrier /USA/, Counterweight /AUT/, Fatal music club, Praha

29.9. - Night of Suicide Angels vol.5, Rock Café, Praha

6.11. - w/ Sink Or Swim /CHE/, Cemetery Drive /ITA/, club Cross, Praha


6.2. - FebruarCore III., w/ Never left behind, BC Štětí, Štětí

16.4. - festival Jižák LIVE!, Koleje Jižní město, Praha

10.9. - w/ Abbie falls, Safecourse, Rock Café, Praha

2.10. - w/ All faces down /A/, Rock Café, Praha

15.12. - PUNK cross][ess HC, Klub Cross, Praha


29.8. - festival Massacre in harbor-Vol.6, Litoměřice


26.5. - w/ My Own Abyss, Burn the roots, Café Na půl cesty, Praha


Bývalí členové:

Matej Pčolka - piano

Ondřej Hanyš - bass guitar

Hugo Cunha - lead vocal, scream, growl

Tomáš Fiala - guitar, lead vocal

Pavel Hřebejk - guitar, vocals

Libor Hřebík - bass guitar

Oldřich Kotyza - guitar


Lukáš Pekárek - guitar

Pavel Hrubý - guitar