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MAT crossover / Jihlava

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  • Playboy (2019)- Mat.chbox (2019) 260 ×
  • Temná noc duše (2019)- Mat.chbox (2019) 220 ×
  • Garden Party (2010)- Definition Of Indefinable (2010) 421 ×
  • Snow In My Heart (2010)- Definition Of Indefinable (2010) 311 ×
  • Užívej si (2010)- Definition Of Indefinable (2010) 303 ×
  • Midnight Run (live 2007)- Live in Měřín (2007) 258 ×


Nástrojové obsazení: Baskytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara, Zpěv
Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Bicí

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Dodatečné info

 The band M.A.T. was formed in 2001 from the members of the groups Nirvana tribute (Jihlava) and Rockle band (Jihlava) and grunge music & expressive lyrics became the foundation of our own songwriting.The name M.A.T. is a simple abbreviation of our own names Marcus-Amos-Tomitulius. Except the passion for music there was an other aspect that inspired us to our name and it was the antient game - chess. Not coincidentaly does the word MAT mean CHECK-MATE in Czech. Obviously there were other suggestion when we were choosing our name for example Lesbian Farm, or Gay Club 7 but in the end we went for M.A.T.

  After recording our first demo in 2002 we stopped performing between 2003 & 2006 as this period was filled with other activities of all members.
  Reunited in 2006 with intentions to create a new sound we invited Mira Vacek (ex Heart Disease) to play percussions but he didn't stay for long (due to family reasons) and was soon replaced by Jindra Hora (Amix) - well experience player who contributed to our further progress.




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