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Kant Criticize hardcore / Kladno

„GNWP! Kant Criticize do it right!“

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Nástrojové obsazení: Baskytara, Doprovodný zpěv
Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Zpěv

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Dodatečné info

Skromnej i ambiciózní HC z Kladna / NO MERCH BRAND

za jídlo a cesťák: kantcriticize@email.cz

Bio a historie

(z prvního s/t EP [2015])

Keep on searching / Go on praying / Ready for all / Ready for nothing! / (There's) something rotten / in your heaven / pray to deaf cross / Be good christian! / You're broken! / You're fucked up! / Your being / has to be checked up / You are high, powerful / you're the most wonderful / you are fake, you are hype / at my breast you are swipe / You're my god, I'm your slave / Who cares if I crave? / For forgiveness, redemption / I'll never get an attention! / You have to be (shit) / Be nice lamb (don't) / blaspheme power / and if you do / (expect) Terrifier! / Do you believe (in) / anything rotten / like blind church? / Forbidden life! / Are you ready for your pray? / You have to be / REJECTED.


MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I KNOW / friends are all around / (I wish) this has been found / somewhere in underground / Most beautiful place I know / (where) ideas calmly flows / mustn't stop, must go on / not enough to desire and hope / They can't stop us! / (There's) no Religion, just peace / No eco-ster called Greece / No junkies and thieves / False Blame and police / No douchebags on gigs / M.D. and chapped lips / more Converge splits / I believe that's not FAR AWAY! / Most beautiful place I know / no need to bellow (more) / cuz people aren't anymore / ignorants and narrows / Most beautiful place I know / (waiting) for a foreshadow / place at the end of rainbow / of this fucking world / They still can't stop us! / Wonderful world like this / is such what we make it / Most beatiful place I know / is in my head I hope / I don't need / legacy / I just want / want to be!


In the air / I smell fire / both apart / then / I share / all the flowers / always ask / when? / Empty chair / in the room / just because / I can / I swear / I will never / broke your heart / again! / Sometimes freedom becomes (slavery) / My sweet PITTSBURGH!

Worthless award / call for a war / Your hero is wrongful /  standing on pedestal (of lies) / His verdict is blind /  figment of sick mind / still followed by sheep is this useless creep /  Not sheep, just rats / In the holes. Brats! / Consume. Not think! / Devour what bring /  I'm sick what I heard / what permits the herd /  If majority expresses sympathy / What to expect from rotten society? / We must fight / Against Racism, Classism, Religion, Homophobia and Sexism /  RAPE ME WITH YOUR HATE!

When i see you hipster shit / swag snapback and Ramones t-shirt / all what I think is PUNK IS DEAD and mankind stinks / Behind this mask is that you? / Is it your task? / Why we don't wanna realize all we should improve is here? / Spin in a circle / Believe deception (that) / We're all living in CALIFORNIA / I've got the feeling / Scene is changing (wrong way) / We're not moving / Influences became / Only copies / So pierce the bubble / We're not living in California / But there are bands that should have our recpect / They do it right not because we just expect / So remember GOOD NIGHT WHITE PRIDE! / Kant Criticize and Got a Wolf do it right! 

You're lucky, you fool cuz I'm sick of dead bodies in my living room / BETRAYED BY FRIEND! / You did it, just did it /  Apologies? I don't need it! / We used to be best friends You threw it out to trashcan / You know I don't forgive for you're so low / This is your head, your steps / Think better! No regrets! (To ignore...) / Often I think why it was up to brink / It's sure this life stinks life's based on losing / You should know I will never forgive you cuz you're so low / It's your fucking head invented the steps to ignore you without regrets / Take a rest, have a cig no reason to be sick / Fancy yourself you're not prick / you were cheated by cheap trick / Hope you know you're still low! I don't forgive you so / Suffocate with your shame! I left my ignorance! / (Before thinking you chose drug. Before friendship you chose sludge.)

SO, listen story about me / about human I should be / about rises 'n' about hits that I received and other shits / (like) why I study politics / feeling useless when my tricks / becomes so foolishly low / and why I so love Jane Doe / I'M NOT SORRY.