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Induction progressive-metal / Hamburg

„Debut Album "Induction" OUT NOW!“

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  • A Message In Sand- Induction (2019) 80 ×
  • By The Time- Induction (2019) 62 ×
  • Pay The Price- Induction (2019) 45 ×
  • The Outwitted Consecration (re-release)- Induction (2019) 40 ×
  • Hiraeth- Induction (2019) 33 ×
  • Mirror Make Believe (My Enemy) - ft. Kai Hansen- Induction (2019) 34 ×
  • At The Bottom- Induction (2019) 17 ×
  • The Riddle- Induction (2019) 13 ×
  • A Nightmare's Dream- Induction (2019) 9 ×
  • My Verdict- Induction (2019) 13 ×
  • Sorrow's Lullaby- Induction (2019) 10 ×
  • Pay The Price (SINGLE) 62 ×
  • The Outwitted Consecration (SINGLE)- The Outwitted Consecration (2016) 444 ×


Our new self titled record “Induction” is OUT NOW!


Listen to the full album on YouTube:

(Please note that the audio quality in Youtube is always compressed, so it's not the best quality!)

Buy or stream our new album here:

“We all are incredibly excited to finally have it out there. The excitement of you and feedback we got, far before the album was even close to the release, was already amazing. We hope that you will love what we’ve been working on for so long and that each and everyone can identify with something in our music. Thank you for your support and most importantly thank you to those who decide to buy the album! See you on the road ????

1 A Message In Sand
2 By The Time
3 Pay The Price
4 The Outwitted Consecration (re-release)
5 Hiraeth
6 Mirror Make Believe (My Enemy) - ft. Kai Hansen
7 At The Bottom
8 The Riddle
9 A Nightmare’s Dream
10 My Verdict
11 Sorrow’s Lullaby

Order your Physical CD (Digipack) for 14,99EUR + postage via
Payment through PayPal or Bank wire transfer
IMPORTANT! Write "CD ORDER + your name, amount" in the subject to make sure it's being processed!

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Hip hip huraa dalsi parta co mati konkurenci blahopreji novy maidni jsou tu a mnohem lepsejsi budou a to ze tam je i ceska ucast na teto parte je obzvaste to co muze svet nabidnout k poslechu a nove manii fanousku ja ko byly kiss army a maiden army. Vas (roman ronnie kracik) z Jicina

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