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Why A Company Needs Data Loss Prevention Solutions?

The loss of sensitive data and information can lead to a tremendous financial loss to the companies. It can even harm their reputation in the market if misused by the competitors. This is the reason organizations are moving towards data loss prevention solution (DLP Solution Center) to prevent the risk of sensitive data leaking from the company. For example, if any of your employees try to forward an email outside the corporate domain or attemp to upload a file on a customer’s Dropbox, then DLP software will not let it do so. Jair Network is providing DLP solutions to the company for the following reasons.

  • It is impossible for a big organization to have a 360-degree view of its data. They can’t keep a watch on every data. They don’t know who is using which data and how. Thus, it becomes essential to have cloud data loss prevention to get knowledge about data usage.
  • Although, you have installed software which can protect your data and information from external intruders, but what about the internal ones. DLP makes sure your data doesn’t leak.
  • Data loss can cause bad publicity, harmful exposure, liability, loss of strategic customers and fine to the company.
  • You can use this service when you have any doubt about your organization’s level of protection for confidential data in cloud application and storage.
  • DLP can improve technical and organization efficiencies of the company and also encourage the methods for advanced information governance.
  • Indirectly data prevention can enhance your brand reputation and value; on the other hand, those who don’t take necessary steps can end up in the financial and reputation loss.

By accessing DLP solution service from Jair Network can prevent data loss, external attack and data misuse by the employees.

Why One Should Go For Cisco CCNA Training?

Do you want to build a successful career in Networking? If yes, then Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification are the best for you. The certification mainly focuses on developing networking skills of the candidate. Once you have completed the Cisco CCNA Training, you will be able to manage, configure and troubleshoot the network of the enterprise. This certification will move your career to a different level. CCNA Training at Jair Network is meant for people at all levels of knowledge and experience. Everyone can get the training to be a master in networking.

Here are some reasons why it’s worth your efforts.

  • If you are trained and certified to work on a Cisco product, you become open to vast career opportunities because your skills are in great demand.
  • CCNA Certification makes you an expert of networking, even if the technology is evolving at a rapid speed.
  • CCNA certification is recognized globally and can provide you a job on any state or country.
  • CCNA Routing and Switching Certification open a limitless path for you. You can use your skills on different technologies like Cloud, Data Center, Collaboration, Security or Network programmability.
  • Cisco CCNA Training and certification makes you eligible for other Cisco programs like CCNA Security, Voice and Wireless etc.
  • It has a good impression on employers. When you get the certification, it conveys a clear message to the employer that you have IT skills and knowledge that they require.
  • It can increase your earning paychecks by 5 to 10 percent.

Being an authorized Cisco CCNA Training center, we offer multiple and flexible training options to our candidates. You can get the benefit of virtual classrooms, instructor LED training and hands-on labs for completing the training.

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