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Scientific language of the thesis

Whatever you write, you should always remember your reader and ask yourself: does he understand what I am trying to say? Did I make myself as clear and precise as possible? Will he be able to reproduce my application without any problem?
It may happen that you allow yourself to influence the writing style of your sources and reproduce their content in a similar way. This leads to a mixture of different styles in your work. Therefore, it is important to develop your own writing style and stay true to it.

When your work is finished, all you are missing is tweaking: professional editors check the text for correct spelling and grammar, uniform spelling, appropriate language level, logical consistency and much more.

As with any academic work, you should also strive for an appropriate academic writing style in your dissertation. Carelessness and negligence are inappropriate here, because you must not only show in your dissertation that you are fluent in the scientific craft and arrive at your own well-founded research results, but that you can also convey your conclusions linguistically. This requires good dissertation planning. Anyone who has penetrated a topic intellectually wants to be understood when it is transmitted. A good academic writing style makes your doctoral thesis more successful!

Here's what you should avoid
Avoid complex nested sentences, once found and overused text modules, and language gimmicks. At best, they are tiring; at worst, they annoy readers. A precise wording is essential, but the enjoyment of reading cannot be completely ignored.

Constant repetition can make it easier for readers to understand, but they are not promoting their own work. In addition, you should avoid overusing the noun style: because persisting in “keeping the noun style in your content wording will quickly worsen the reader's fatigue” (as you can see in this example)!

 Likewise, the inflationary use of passive constructs does not make the text more beautiful, nor do buzzwords like "remember", "thematize", phrases like "I think", "in my opinion", "we find", placeholder words, such as "actually", "maybe".

 As a result, exaggerations such as “extreme,” “huge,” “very,” and things that need confirmation such as “of course,” “certainly,” “of course,” do not apply to scientific articles.

Also more useful information about the essay on the PayForEssay website.

In addition, someone who “almost always” writes something “essential” obviously does not always know what he is writing. Thesis editing can then get better results.
The philosopher and writer Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote: “And yet there is nothing easier than writing in such a way that no one understands it: how, on the other hand, there is nothing more difficult than expressing meaningful thoughts in such a way that everyone should understand them. "is relevant today - especially for scientific work.
You can find many other dissertation tips in the knowledge base.

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