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Slon je mrtvy :) Clenovia si brnkaju kade tade popri studiu a praci. Ostavaju nostalgicke spomienky na tinedzerstvo. 





Bio a historie

Naša história je nudná a zdĺhavá.


Blood on your hand are you satisfied?
your believes wrong your sensless anger
where was the reason of your behaviour
remember that you could be next

another unmarked grave made by you
who gave you right to judge?
scream of deaf lying on the floor
but how could you understand

will you sleep better tonight when
you tell yourself he wasnt like you
Do you feel better if it wasnt you
who felt on the ground in pain

flowers armed
fear unknown
shadows behind
cure the roots

flower dying
sunset done
cold above me
snow comming

if you believe in somethig like upperclass
you have much to learn to call yourself a human


staying on the roof
looking down on street
breath leaves the lungs
the heart throbs fast

staying at the end
saying last goodbye
lookig to the face of despere

have you lost all thing what you were living for?
have you lost the will to go on with your life?
have you lost the love and cant get through it
have you lost your friends and left alone

CH:  one shot wont kill the pain
      one jump wont make it out
      because the hope dies last

Dont give up theres another way
do you want throw your life away   
dont listen to the voice
witch leaves you no chioce
so many thing you can live for
isnt too early to die


Our lies turn to bread
no pray can change our fate
we havent cared for too long
its time to face the truth

the bill is on the table but who will pay it?
we poison our world and cant find the antidote

CH:   we´re living in the world
      where the pure dying first in dust
      where the idiots and morons taking over us
      we´re living in the world
      where the life is less then gold
      where the hungry cant be feed

we should learn from the past
blame is in  our pride our greed
do we ever tought about future


Why should I live here
where everyone lives in lies
Why should I be the one
This slavery closes my eyes
There’s only one thing to say
You must be good, you must obey
But no what’s in your heart
Only what they command

Is that all, what left in this fucking world
The sun is rising over bodies of soldiers
who fight for their countries and pride

It’s everywhere it’s here
in radio TV
One hundred percent real
Brainwash comes to me

I rather want to say
that the World is not so bad
Maybe there’s another way
so why to be so sad

CH: Hello! Welcome to the place
      which name is simply Earth
      There govern human race
      the best from all the space

      I rather want to say
      that the World is not so bad
      Maybe there’s another way
      so why to be so sad