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Cheers! folk-punk / Plzeň

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05. listopadu 2012
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  • Evergreen
    Flowers in Rye
  • Expenses to Kill
    Flowers in Rye
  • Heat
    Rum Tales
  • Foreign Winds
    Rum Tales
  • Hey Devil
    Daily Bread
  • Dagger
    Daily Bread
  • Misery
    Daily Bread
  • Land Where Nobody Lives
    Daily Bread
  • Guards of Poor
  • Frank's Fairytale
  • Single 2011 - Bard
  • Single 2011 - When It's Down
  • 01 - Frying Pan
    Wrong & Right
  • 02 - Cliffs Of Galway
    Wrong & Right
  • 03 - Molly's Eyes
    Wrong & Right
  • 04 - Mary Hogan's
    Wrong & Right
  • 05 - Collier
    Wrong & Right
  • 06 - Parník
    Wrong & Right
  • 07 - Jim
    Wrong & Right
  • 08 - Poor Man's Hat
    Wrong & Right
  • 09 - Tearberries
    Wrong & Right
  • 10 - I'll Never Be the Same Man Again
    Wrong & Right
  • 11 - Rugged Days
    Wrong & Right
  • 12 - Wrong & Right
    Wrong & Right
  • 13 - In The Maze
    Wrong & Right

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Hi, we are Cheers! – seven pieced band playing original songs. Here are some reviews and basic info what we’ve screwed up so far. If you’re willing to know more, contact us directly or even better - come to see our gig!


Snarling, swirling, raging, roaring Celtic folk-punk brewed in Pilsen and tempered by accordion, whistles and flutes! The music is of a solid punk rock backdrop with fantastic celtic musicians driving it along and Pafka’s great vocals atop.

-          Eddie Stevenson (London Celtic Punks (UK))


When I first heard this lot live five years ago, I thought ‘here’s a breath of fresh air on the Czech music scene’ – in fact I was blown away by them then and even more so now. If you are working for a big Celtic or punk festival and you’re looking for kick-ass band, contact Cheers! straightaway.

-          Waldo Kinksmarkham (Celtic Folk Punk (ES))


Pick me up off the floor guys- I’m knackered just listening to this- but in a good way. My ears are still ringing with the joyful collision of electric guitars and acoustic whistles, the reverberation of accordion and Pafka’s distinctive and passionate vocals holding it all together.

-          Jeremy King (the Celtic Music Fan (UK))


You may or may not hear our music on air in:

Czech Rep.











We were/are performing on festivals:

Mighty Sounds (CZ)

Irish Music Festival Ostrava (CZ)

Irlanda In Festa (IT)

Keltska Noc (CZ)

Celtycka Noc (PL)

Sk8 free fest (D)

Pilsner Urquell Fest (CZ)



We've shared the stage with many great bands, you may heard of:

The Rumjacks (AU)

The Dreadnoughts (CAN)

Greenland Whalefishers (NO)

The Black Irish Texas (USA)

The Roughneck Riot (UK)

Pipes and Pintes (CZ)


(if you don't, check them out, they're pretty good)


Our releases:

Bard & When it’s Down (Single 2011)

Wrong & Right (LP 2012)

Drink & Fight (Single 2014)

Daily Bread (LP 2017)

Rum Tales (Single 2019)