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April Weeps metal / Dunajská Streda

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  • Palingenesis
  • Rain
  • Outer Calm, Pain Within
    Outer Calm, Pain Within
  • Buried
    Outer Calm, Pain Within
  • Shards
    Outer Calm, Pain Within
  • In A Hurry
    Outer Calm, Pain Within
  • Positive Energy
    Outer Calm, Pain Within

APRIL WEEPS - The Last Piece Of Eden

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 4.8.2014

AUDIO: recorded, edited and mastered by Michal Koleják & APRIL WEEPS
VIDEO: recorded, edited and produced by Randy Cold – Cold Craft Company & APRIL WEEPS


the endless road stretching to the sky
the seamless stars bright enough so high
what has been done to the only one?
a piece of Eden is gone…

wandering our whole lives
searching for a one that hides

walking on our feet far
the voices of statues built are
a reminder of sin and despair
a reminder of a piece of Eden

the emptiness of pure good
and the sadness of evil itself
we stood there so long in the middle
gazing to the stars

for what day is worth
we destroyed the Earth

mourning, grieving in death
regretting the curse that we fed
with hope born of stars, so high, so far
chances reduced to none
the last piece of Eden is gone