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Anthology power-symphonic / Nižná

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  • Anthology - Last Weep
    Angel's Revenge
  • Labyrinth of Evil
    Angel's Revenge
  • Anthology - Devoted Soul
    Angel's Revenge
  • Anthology - Scream Into The Darkness
    The Prophecy
  • Anthology - The Secret of Midnight
    The Prophecy
  • Anthology - Lost Dreams
    The Prophecy
  • Anthology - The Prophecy
    The Prophecy
  • 01 - Beyond the portal (Exitus 2011)
  • 02 - Exitus (Exitus 2011)
  • 06 - Jediná (Exitus 2011)
  • 07 - Vojna sveta (Exitus 2011)
  • 08 - Path (Apocalyptica cover) (Exitus 2011)



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