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All Erased death-death / Břeclav

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All Erased - Primal Instinct

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 21.8.2017
Hi people! There is another song from our upcoming album "Final Extinction"! Hope you´ll like it and help us with sharing! Enjoy!



Now come everything to end
Humankind reach judgement day

Wake up in a ruins of home
Crawling from there all alone
Watching dead ones all around
Mayhem that is what you found

Listen up
Now is time
To prove you´re worthy
So close your eyes
Wipe the tears
And fight this nightmare
Hit with your fists
All that moves
And show no mercy
One simple thing
You should keep
Is survival instinct

-verse II-
Primal instinct
Well now you see
The world is dead
You´re not alone
Everybody want to
Kill each other
Deathmatch begins
Every living person
Try to hunt you
Want you six feet under
Don´t ever give up
Face them all
Just release the beast