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Adversor metal-thrash / Hungary

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About me.



Official website: www.adversor.hu

ADVERSOR - Csaba Horváth: Vocal, guitar, bassguitar, programming, copywriter, song writer, manager.

Sessions for live performances:
Tibor Terebesi - guitar, József Tóth - vocal, Gyula Kriston - bassguitar, Zsolt Boros - drums. 

   I am Csaba Horváth, I was born on Ózd, 1975 Mays on 09. Happened once, in 1989, that as a big music fan, I bought the first guitar of my life, an acoustic guitar, I obtained it after some months then one homemade prepared, but after all real electric guitar, that Zsolt Oláh (Remorse) an expert's hands created...

My first orchestra the "Futótűz" is laughing last, that Csaba Holló (1975-1999 R.I.P) I founded it with my friend, and 1990-was active until 1994, than punk rock orchestra.

I tried to look for fellow musicians then to a rougher orchestra's foundation, and I got in in 1995 Gábor Veres (today - Watch My Diyng) his orchestra, Abstract Butchery Rétság one christened a name death metal into an orchestra playing music, but because of the distance, the team worked for a long time... I researched it longer after companions next, and since I did not find companions liking serious Ózd or neighbourhood rougher musics, I received an offer at the same time Péter Szász my friend how I shall sit down behind the drums the Morass-ba, I accepted it, swapping a musical instrument with Kálmán Oláh inside short time then, I was the bassist, him though the drummer. All this happened in 2001, and than one not for a too active orchestra, "Úgy fáj" in 2002 a promo our substance, then it in 2004 earthling a long-play record of ours appeared with a man title. The next years club, and you are spent in a festival concert until finally I stepped out in 2008 of his Aprils the Morass-ból, concerned to say rather that I was transferred on that of the level Ózd Remorse into an orchestra. 2008 D.Ü.H. title I play it already on a disk the bassist on a position, then many memorable clubs, and after a festival concert, I stepped out of Remorse rows in 2010 of his Aprils.

I founded it in 2006 meanwhile Adversor, my one-man orchestra, that let me be able to lead my steelier vein down inside this orchestra. Adversor publications: in 2006 one three number demo, Hungaryan Records was revealed by favour of in 2008 then Burzum Tribute figured on a disk with a song, My Journey To The Stars, and the 2009 Septembers on 9, likewise Hungaryan Records appeared Bathory Tribute figures on a substance, Raise To with Dead transcript with a Hungarian language, "Keltsd fel a holtakat" with a title. The bathory tribute disk anyway Swedish Black Mark trade a publisher published it with international dissemination, 2010 Januaries on 24.

I work on Adversor first long-play record, which Hungaryan Records will appear...

Have a nice day, let the rock be with you!


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