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  • War Is Crime
  • I Believe In You
  • Break X The X Chain
  • Straight Edge
  • No Way Back
  • Mistakes
    Take Care
  • Wake Up
    Take Care
  • Fuck Your Drugs
    Take Care
  • Memories
    Take Care
  • Echo
    Take Care
  • Earth
    Stick Together
  • Depression
    Stick Together
  • Modern World
    Stick Together
  • KSED
    Stick Together
  • Edge!
    Stick Together
  • Nightmares
    Save Our Home
  • Drug Addiction
    Save Our Home
  • No Hate
    Save Our Home
  • Faithful
    Save Our Home
  • Save Our Home
    Save Our Home
  • Keep The Faith
    One Nation
  • Kill Your Local Dealer
    One Nation
  • One Nation
    One Nation
  • Dark Clouds Part II.
    One Nation
  • Those Days Are Over
  • Youth Crew
    Positive Mind
  • Think Straight
    Positive Mind
  • Drug x Free x Youth
    Positive Mind
  • True 'till Death
    Positive Mind
  • Dark Clouds
    Positive Mind



War is crime against humanity
Killing was and always be insanity
Big guys on top send people to die
And for what? Power and lies

Liberty and freedom for all
We don't wanna be someones doll
Free will is the only thing we got
So don't let them to take it from us
this is our best shot

We are not their peasants they are not our gods
No they are not

I don't wanna take someones life
Be widow maker listen to their wifes cries
Overthrow those pigs on top
These nonsense wars must be stopped

Not single one life can't be lost
Not anymore


Hope. It's just a word?
Or is it a thing?
Let me think
Always try to not to sink
in your own tears

It's truth that hard times make you stronger
but unfortunately not younger
So here I am right now but much older

The hardest times of my life are gone

I will always be my only guide for my path
After all it's up to me-you can call me psychopath
'cause to be fair - I don't care
I live my life up high and not for you

Just look around you - what you have?
Broken heart and tears? For all those years!
Is this your main goal?
Get up and bring back your dead soul!

Try to live - try to find piece of happiness in this world
Before it will be late and you'll be too old and cold
Turn your promises to the real things
No excuses! And you will see what life brings

Come on! Start that fire in your heart!
That fire in your heart!

I believe in you!


I was drinking like hell, but now I am clean
And when I see people around me I feel mean
Why they keep smoking and drinking that stuff
I wish that they say yourself ENOUGH

I pray for a better - a better world
World without drugs 'cause there's so much more
I pray for a better - a better world
'cause there's so much more to live for!

Stop drinking
Stop smoking
You are addicted to the bone
This is a drug free zone

Don't let your addiction tell you what to do
Kill this affliction 'cause I care about you

Drug Free Will
This is drug free will


Don't let negativity torture you
You got your life in your hands - only you
Look at me I'm not struggeling no more
It's in your mind so pick yourself from the floor

It's about time to mark the x on your hand

Be strong be proud for who you are
You don't need drinking that shit in a bar
Keep your head up high
Straight edge until I die

Positive mind I got and everything is better now
Positive attitude for life and everything is work somehow
Straight edge is a path - path for a self improvement
It's not just about don't drink it's more than just a movement

Straight straigh straight edge


No way back

I try to forgive myself for everything that's bother me
Mistakes, broken hearts all my fears - just let it be
This is the way where I can find my peace lasting happiness
I can rely only on myself even if it means loneliness

I wanna focus just on good things and try to be a better
'cause around me I see just envy and hate so how could we be together
How we as a people can rely on someone if we can rely only on ourselves?
That is why I close that door and live just by myself

I try to cry one day and can't force myself into
I think that this cold world killed my feelings I had for you
Memories will always be here, but I don't wanna be here for them
They can't influence me anymore, I killed that mayhem

I won't focus on a past where are mistakes which I cannot fix
I am here right now and all those memories are just like bricks
I've built a wall from them and painted it on black
And now I can see them and can't go back!

Destroy that wall with wrecking ball

Take Care


It's all my mistakes what's pushing me forward
They formed me to the person who I am today
I don't say I'm perfect only older
But I'm trying to be a better than ever everyday

I don't say my life is easy
I´ve just learnt how to fight back
And now nothing can stop me
I'm no longer that pathetic wreck

Keep pushing forward
That's the only way
Never go backward
Toward to the better days
Stop whining be a man
Boo fucking hoo
There is nothing you can't
It's in you

I see that you can do it too
Just bite the bullet and that is all
Everyday is another chance
To find what are you living for

This makes sense to me


We are poisoning our soil under our feets
We are poisoning our air
We are erase the whole species
And it's seems that we don't care
We are overfishing our seas
We are killing billions of bees
We are torturing animals for fun
This everything was already done

It's time to stop this now
And the scientists know how
But we must united as the whole world
The WHOLE world!

But dictators are affraid to lose their power
They don't care about some fucking flower
This is money talks

But I'm not breathing gold
I'm not eating diamonds
I'm human being god damnit
And I wanna live in world without violence
Take care about animals
Take care about nature
This must be the major priority for all of us
Wake up world
This is it, right now
We can't fucked this up - not now not ever again
Nevertheless - this is our last chance to fix this mess
The clocks are already ticking


Drugs are for pussies
Who wanna escape from theirs misery lives
But hey, news arrives
You can let them go 'cause they only make you slow

This is straight edge
It's not a lifestyle
It's a mind set
You don't believe me?
Then ask Ian from Minor Threat

All that shit flush down the toilet
And let yourself live
You are the most important person in your life
It's your precious gift

Live your life clean way
And I promised that everything will be ok


That memories
Are coming back everyday
I can't throw them away
I gave them that name
You know that name it's still the same

Dark clouds
Sometimes they are so loud
They scream all of my inner fears
Sometimes for days and then they dissapear
and the sky is clear

I'm sorry for everything what I caused
I guess I can't take back that time
When I was so silly
My memories of that autumn when it was so chilly
Are coming back

Don't - affraid - bad - memories
I fucked it all
And nothing gain
Therefore only
If you count that pain


Life can be so hard, you know it
You live one
You are desperate for someone
Who can help you out
But in the end it's all about you
It's up to you and only you
Your fear is your strength

You are affraid to be alone
And the right person for you is unknown
You are affraid of dark
Seems your life miss the spark

You are that one person
Who can light out that night inside

Even if you think you lost your goal
And the nights seem so cold

There is echo which repeats your fears
All these years

Many long and hard days are in front of you
But many of them are gone
And you are still here
And the only cost was couple of tears
What a great deal!

The things don't go the way that you think and you dream about
So don't be so hard on yourself when it's not the way that you want
We all make mistakes and we learn from them
So don't let some stupid reasons to let haunt you
I believe in you

Stick Together

(Upraveno: )

Keep your edge straight!

So many wasted nights before I woke up
So many of my memories are pretty fucked up
Now I live my life in clean way and with pride
Thanks to bands like Side By Side

Keep your edge straight!
That makes life so much healthier and great
Don't be affraid
Fuck all that depresions let's be motivated
Keep your edge straight!
This is best of traits

Keep your edge straight!

Positive mind is one of the most important things
With this attitude you can do everything
Just trust in yourself 'cause I have trust in you
Follow this simple line and be unbreakable too!

I'll smash your booze
And rip off your cigarette from your mouth
You killing yourself but don't know how
I don't wanna see you with your poison here
Get the fuck out! Do I make myself clear?

Killer straight edge division
Coming to your town
Make your final decision
We're starting countdown

Throw away your filthy injection
And start go right direction
We are coming and we got no mercy for you
So what are you gonna do?

Open your eyes - don't you see those lies
Which you're living in
Make with us a deal - for a real
And we help you out!

On this side of planet we live in luxury
Which is made by bunch of kids
This is modern slavery
Where are poor people ruled by pigs

Let's be equal - let's be a better people
This society sucks - this is self-destruct

On this side of planet we live in peace
But we're making guns for a wars
Profit for those who already got fortune
But wanna more

I can't see way out
Let's all shout out loud


I woke up this morning and everything was so great
I went out and felt my heart rate
Sky was blue and full of birds
I was out of words

What a time to be alive!

Dark clouds up above me
Memories are back
They try to catch me
But I'm fighting back
Why are they still keep coming
Even after so long time
I try running
But they catch me everytime

I tried so hard with all my guts
I was almost going nuts
Depression pills, sleepless nights
I thought I won those fights
But memories are keep coming back

I always say: no regrets
But my past is in my head
Even when is no longer resident
Of street of Lafayette

No, it's different past
That past about which I never speak again!

What is wrong with us?
Why are we still killing earth
What a traitorous act
There's no way back

Tell me what to do
This situation is killing me
Why don't we appreciate what we got
We won't stop
Before we cut down last tree
Before we'll poison our last sea

The oceans are rising
Many kinds of animals are dead
Aren't you realising?
This is real - this is not a threat

Open your eyes - wake up
What have we done
Can we save this beautiful world?
Tell me this is possible!
Hope it's not too late!
I can't accept this as our fate!