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Abandoned punk-rock / Olomouc

„..new EP Positive Mind!“

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we´ve known each other for so long
and together we are strong!

hope i'll be better person
tomorrow than i am today
learned so many from my
past now i can see the way
but sometimes things
fucked up realy bad anyway
together we can find
solution so what you say?

together we are strong!
even things go wrong

these days there is nothing we
cannot get through
because you and me and the
whole youth crew
stick together until
the end of times
I cast my heart into these rhymes

youth crew


i admit - that i was drinking too much
and i made many mistakes
after losing some people - that i liked
i finally see what it takes

my friends around me - take drugs
i don't wanna be part of it
even girl that i loved takes pills - wtf
open your eyes and quit
just fucking quit

i wasn't thinking straight
but now i can see
it's not too late
just choose who you wanna be


judge was right
those drugs are gonna kill you
if i don't get you first!

all that junk that you stuff up your nose
that is gross i hope you'll overdose
don't you see you just fool your mind
with that line, are you blind?


i wanna punch you in your fucked up smiling face
you're disgrace you'll be erased
you know mirror is not just for straight lines
as you can find, look at yourself and you'll be fine


i know life is hard
but if you go straight
follow your heart
there's nothing you can't do
stay strong it's up to you
i know life is grey
keep thinking positive
that's the right way
remember stay true 'till the death
keep fighting until the last breath

it's all about you
don't be afraid
stay true

awereness of positive mind ..true 'till death
all your troubles left behind ..true 'till death
keep listen to your heart ..true 'till death
and you'll never break apart ..true 'till death

no regrets allowed
stay straight stay proud


I try to keep my mind clear
but my subconscious is full of fear
every fucking night i'm scared to death
all this since you´ve left

nightmares eat me alive
you can't see it it's inside
antidepression pills
i lose my will

will to live

i can't see the light
straight through another night
i pray for dreamless one
dark clouds around me
i don't wanna be
in this ALONE

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