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Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 30.11.2014

It starts inconspicuously. Something in you breaks. Very quietly. At first sight it doesn’t seem serious, but you already know, that there is something wrong with you. You have been through it so many times already that you know how this will continue.

It comes in waves. Sometimes you can feel it on your fingertips. Sometimes you feel dull pain in the middle of your chest. Sometimes you feel like you are going to bleed to death in five minutes.

But the worst part is the helplessness. The whole world turned black, but you know, that you are the cause of this. But there is nothing you can do about it. You cant fight it, you cant open up to anyone. The only thing you can do is bite the bullet and hope, that when the storm blows over, you will see the light.

Depression has a rhythm. And when I sit down at the piano, and find that rhythm, I can transform the worst part that is in me into something better. And that’s exactly what this composition is about. Its my way to bite the bullet and keep my eyes open.

Music: Vojta Šafránek
Photos: Tereza Bayerová

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