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  • Noll IQ - Massakern På Dansbandsveckan.
  • Solid Noise - Pieces Ot The Fallen
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We got a very curly review from our friend Zbyna

Saturday afternoon finds me not in the best condition but it’s getting better and around 4 p.m. I’m starting to think about going to Ungdomshuset again. Listening to bands which are supposed to be there today and I find that FORRAEDERI and VIOLENT FRUSTRATION are so fucking good even from bandcamp that would’ve been a fucking shame to miss them. Together with the animals from Attack of the Mad Axeman and crusties from Systemfel it cannot be bad. So? Go!
Hey, there are less than half of the people from yesterday! What happened? Ok, there are not any „stars“ but still - there are good bands! First of all I hear some techno or electronic stuff or what kind of shit from inside and I wonder why they put such a silly music on this grind core festival. Jesusfuckingchrist, it’s a band! Jonathan’s band! Phaaa, it’s absolutely terrible! Man, I’ve seen a lot but this one is really something! It’s kind of silly gore with ridiculous vocals. This is so horrible that I’m pretty sure that these guys will make it one day to Obscene Extreme! I really like Jonathan he’s absolutely great guy and I always enjoy talking to him, unfortunately our tastes of music are bit different. Anyway, let’s face the truth – people loved it! Of course. I have a feeling I’m too old for this...
G.I. JOKE it’s Neils‘ new band. Kind of simple grind core with great singer. Otherwise it’s very average, specially after all those fucking excellent bands from Friday I found them bit flat. But good guys and I was happy to meet them!
ABADDON INCARNATE I remember from the very old times. It’s has always been bit average death metal for me, as far as I remember. I didn’t expect much from them but I was pleasantly shocked. These guys know how to make really good music. Bass player girl was just lovely, 2 guitars and very cathy grind/death from veterans of Irish scene. Destructive power at maximum. I really enjoyed their gig, my hat off guys! Strange enough though, even if they had a solo singer the most part of vocals has been done by the guitarist.
FORRAEDERI from Throndheim. I don’t know many Norwegian hc/gc band. I think the most famous it’s most likely Livstid (that I really like). Norway is definitely not Sweden and not Finland, the bands from upthere are usually very strange and original. Same with this horde. It’s absolutely breathtaking combination of d-beat and grind core! They have two guitars and on the top of it the drummer is just superb! (Well, he’s a jazzman I think it says it all). Although the drummer had serious problems to hear rest of the guys the performance was totally crushing. Not only the d-beat or grind core parts but sometimes the music was so fucking fast that I heard touches of black metal. Maybe it was just my feeling... Strange enough the audience didn’t care much but I guess it was mostly cause they were simply shocked! If all bands today would have been shit cause of Forraederi it had been worth of coming. Guys you just showed me a new perspective of grind core! Thanx for that!
And more insanity is coming. Violent Frustration from Berlin. Why haven’t hear of them earlier it’s kind of mystery for me. Because they are fucking excellent! Very nice example how 3 pieces band can totally annihilate all in their way. Furious, crushing, ultrafast grind core! What a pity that 3 songs I couldn’t hear the guitar. After that we all were furiously trampled by these Germans! I stayed totally blown away and was smiling without any reason for all their set! Pure grind core happiness! Thank you guys!
CHOCKED BY OWN VOMITS are from my home country. Very nice lads and I’ve known the drummer for years from Mocovy Khameni band. As the name says they do gore/grind. Lyrics mostly about shit, literally! Ehm. I tell you we have much more horrible bands at home then CHOV. I really like guitarist style because it’s AG/Rot worship. I think it wasn’t that bad people liked their umpa lumpa parts so it seemed they made it ok! Me, personally, staying bit aside...
SYSTEMFEL are from Sweden and they play crust. Ha,finally! I would replace all gore bands by crust! 2 guitars and insane singer. They did it just right! Very good performace but for my taste all the guitars were just too loud so I couldn’t hear vocal and drums. That’s the only weak point of their set. Otherwise it was excellent!
The animals from ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN didn’t come? What the fuck!? They stayed in the forest or what? What a pity! Because the last band 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses was just way too much for my taste. Something I don’t want to meet anymore in my life. German porn gore at its best. Most of the people just loved it! Well..., eh..., on one side is Violent Frustration and on the other is this. Some people say it’s both grind core. Would you fucking agree!!!!!!!!?????? Anyway, it’s all just my problem.
I’m finished with the bands. I don’t know if some other band was playing because I had to talk with people. In two days I met only fastastic people from all the Scandivavia, Germany, UK, Slovakia... The word „family“ in the title of the festival is not there by accident. Trust me if you come next time you will feel as a part of the family. It strongly reminded me first years of Obscene Extreme festival where all people knew each other. I would like to thank to Richard Charlie Oros and Jonathan for fantastic weekend and to all bands that tried to destroy the place and did the gigs on 100%. You know who you are!!!
That’s it! Thanx a million times! Grind core still lives!

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Hey Guys, we are a two Man Combo and need some support for our Poland/Czech Republic Tour in the last two weeks of August.
30.8. Chomutov, 24.8. Bielsko-Biała and 29nd of August at Praha.

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