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Social Deformity grind / Ostrava

„1994 - 1997“

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Social Deformity 1994 - 1997


The band was founded in august 1994, when singer Roman, met with drummer Viki (these two guys desperately wanted to play some short/fast/loud grind-noise shit) and guitarist Fido in Fido/Viki practice place of their previous band XÜCHT. Originally Fido joined the band as temporary  member, and had to be replaced by proper guitarist. In fact this has never happened).

After some trouble with rehearsal room, (it was burgled 2x times), the band started to practice regularly and recorded first demo „Is It Justice“ in november 94. Social Deformity hit the stage for the first time few months later in their home city Ostrava in april 1995. Thanx to the penpal activity of Roman and Viki, the band has to be known in grind/noise scene around the World and released few split tapes.  The band tried to find someone, who would také position of bassist, and after few attempt guy called Sláva jumped in. One year after releasing the first demo Social Deformity went to the studio for the second time. Unfortunately the recording session was deleted after massive argue about the money between band members and owner of the studio.

 Meanwhile, Sláva turned to be a massive pothead, who was´nt able to play new songs, composed by the band, so he was after few months kicked out and his position taken by guy called Skulda. With the new line up band released two split tapes (w/Oral Climax and Twisted Truth) both contained material recorded in practice room.

In november 96the band went to studio for the third time to record songs for upcoming mini CD, which was released by singers label Merciless core Records under name „Daltonism“. The CD contains 28 songs in 21 minutes, musically it was pure grindcore in the vein of old NAPALM DEATH with occasional trips to experimental areas (like LE SCRAWL/NAKED CITY) with lyrics, which shift from antiwar topics more into socio-political stuff .  The press was 500 copies.

Afters many shows in Czech, SD became quite popular among czech grind fans thanx to the numerous shows with bands like MALIGNANT TUMOUR, MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST, TWISTED TRUTH, GRIDE, TESTIMONY etc.. In spring 1997 second guitarist Dan came from another ostrava grind band CEREBRAL TURBULENCY. After few rehearsals, the band suffered looses, because of horrible floods in Ostrava, which destroyed whole practice room. Even though, month later SD went to studio again to record 7 songs, which we supposed to be released as a split 7“EP w/GRIDE, which never happened. Anyway that was something like swansongs of the band. Shortly after the recording in september 97 Social Deformity split up due to different opinions about the future of the band. Singer Roman and seconds guitarist were not satisfied with experimental jazzy parts, which occured more and more in new songs, while the rest of the band wanted to continue in more experimental way.

Ortodox part of the band continued in their other projects. Roman concentrated more on PTAO harsh noise/noise core stuff and working on the label Merciless Core. Gutiarist Dan went back to CEREBRAL TURBULENCY. Progressive part of the SD, started new band called SHEEVA YOGA, which continued in playing experimental grindy stuff.

There were some attempts to reunite in 1999, when guys got offer to release a record and play few shows, but that reunion lasted just for two rehearsals. Again in 2010 the band got offer to play at Play Fast or Don´t festival, but due to lack of,time due to many activities of all members  offer was  rejected. however after festival there  has been talking about releasing discography of the Social Deformity on the 12“LP by Psychocontrol.


Roman - vocals (1994-1997)

Fido - guitar/back. vocals (1994-1997)

Viki - drums (1994-1997)

Sláva - bass (1995)

Skulda - bass (1996-1997)

Dan - guitar (1997)


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