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After Masters Of Rock 2013 ...

Thank you, thank you, thanks YOU Masters of Rock people!

Our fantastic adventure with this year's Masters of Rock has come to pass. We're coming home full of wonderful experiences, stoked with flawless organization and the amazing crowd we had. We thank Alfedus agency for inviting us to the festival and letting us play on Alfedus Music Stage. Big thumbs up to all the bands we managed to see on that day. We hope to see you all next year.

Our best regards to our Czech Friends!

You are the best audience we have ever had!

Good Girl Maggie - Masters of Rock 2013

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Below The Mark

Greetings to Poland. We are young band and we recently recorded new CD called Dumb. We are going to play a few concerts in Czech Republic eventualy in Poland and we are looking for another band to play with us. You can listen our 2 new song on our bandzone profile and if you like it we can play some gigs together. Keep Rocking!!!

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Líbí se mi ... jen tak dál !

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